The Western Bulldogs' women's program has added current forward Rory Lobb to their coaching ranks, taking on a mentoring role.

Assisting predominantly the rucks and key position players given his 206cm stature, Lobb has been working alongside new coach Tamara Hyett's football department ahead of the upcoming season beginning in August.

Speaking to AFL Media, the former Giant touched on what work he was doing with the women's side.

"I'm just working with the girls a little bit on body work, leading patterns, those sorts of things. I'm identifying what to do in a contest," Lobb said.

"I feel like I've been around long enough, so I feel like I can help some people through that. I'm really enjoying it.

"I did my coaching course and then I just saw the opportunity to help the girls out, but obviously it's crossing over a lot now. I talked to a couple of the girls and they were really keen to learn and pick my brain.

"I figured I'd get to a couple of training sessions and help them out. Their willingness to learn is unbelievable."

The coaching course Lobb completed was the AFL's Level 2 course as a consideration for his future beyond his playing days.

The move into coaching comes as the 31-year-old has recently cemented his spot under Luke Beveridge.

Lobb has generally been the replacement if one or more of Aaron Naughton, Sam Darcy and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan were unavailable in the forward line.

However, across the past two weeks, Beveridge has thrown the challenge to the right-footer of playing downback alongside Liam Jones and James O'Donnell.

Marvel Stadium

In the absence of Jones, who is likely to be out for a few more weeks, Lobb's greatest challenge will come on Saturday when they take on Carlton's Harry McKay and Charlie Curnow.