“That time will come”: Gun Swan quizzed on future following contract call

    A rival coach has also responded to questions on the club’s potential interest in the 23-year-old.

    “All roads lead” to the Northern Territory for AFL’s 20th license following shock revelation from WA

    The AFL is set to have 19 teams when Tasmania joins in 2028, but a push to have a 20th has come from multiple regions of the country.

    Collingwood coach confirms absence of Scott Pendlebury, return of veteran for Western Bulldogs clash

    Pies champion Scott Pendlebury has been ruled out of Friday’s clash with an injury he sustained during the draw with Fremantle.

    Luckless Adelaide youngster suffers suspected “serious knee injury”

    Crows midfielder Zac Taylor has yet to debut for the club and will have to wait longer after a training mishap.

    Port Adelaide coach provides selection update as ruck plans return, forward to come back

    Power captain Connor Rozee is also in doubt after spraining his ankle in the win over North Melbourne.


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    What is the process of an athlete being ‘medically retired’ due to concussion?

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