October 19, 2017, 3:53 am
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Oldest & Youngest Players

Who exactly is the youngest player in the AFL? And how old is the oldest? Find out these answers right now! Also check out the AFL Player Birthdays list to see whose birthday it is today!

Oldest Players

Bob Murphy

35 years, 132 days old

Matthew Boyd

35 years, 53 days old

Sam Mitchell

35 years, 7 days old

Drew Petrie

35 years, 4 days old

Nick Riewoldt

35 years, 2 days old

Shaun Burgoyne

34 years, 363 days old

Aaron Sandilands

34 years, 317 days old

Dale Morris

34 years, 294 days old

Jarrad Waite

34 years, 257 days old

Scott Thompson

34 years, 219 days old

Youngest Players

Lewis Young

18 years, 303 days old

Harry Perryman

18 years, 304 days old

Tom Williamson

18 years, 311 days old

Shai Bolton

18 years, 315 days old

Josh Daicos

18 years, 327 days old

Daniel Venables

18 years, 334 days old

Harry Morrison

18 years, 341 days old

Matthew Signorello

18 years, 354 days old

Will Hayward

18 years, 358 days old

Kayle Kirby

18 years, 358 days old

Check out the full list of player ages here!

If you believe any of the above figures are inaccurate, please let us know.

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