Zero Hanger has launched an all-new daily AFL game: for footy fans, by footy fans.

To test your footy player knowledge, every day AFL Footy Names gives you a new player name to guess using as few letters as possible.


To play, simply head to the link above and begin clicking letters on the on-screen keyboard to see if they are part of the player's name.

As you guess a letter, it will either populate into the player name, or, if that letter is not in the player's name, the keyboard will grey out that letter so you know it has already been used.

Can you get a perfect score in the AFL Footy Names game?
Can you get a perfect score in the AFL Footy Names game?

The idea is to guess the player's name while using as few letters as possible, with a perfect game achievable by using the minimum number of letters to complete the name.

For example: BAILEY SMITH has 11 characters made up of ten letters - the two I's count as one letter.

Today's name only has nine letters!

Register your free Zero Hanger account to save your scores in your profile and compare your scores each day.

With a rolling average across all users, each day, you can test your footy player name skills against the rest of the AFL community.


Have a go at guessing today's player, bookmark the link, and come back each day to try and guess the new name.

Share it with your mates to see how you go against them!