MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 08: Tom Bellchambers of the Bombers gets tackled during an Essendon Bombers AFL pre-season training session at True Value Solar Centre on January 8, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

The Herald Sun has reported that lawyers for Stewart Crameri and Brent Prismall are exploring options for an appeal after being found guilty of taking banned substance Thymosin Beta-4 and being suspended for 12-months.

Lawyers for the pair, who are now both at the Western Bulldogs, are exploring options for an appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal or the Victorian or NSW Supreme Court.

The appeal could be launched within a matter of days.

“The Western Bulldogs have received a copy of the Arbitral Award delivered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport this morning,” the Bulldogs said in a statement on the club website.

“The Club is intently studying the reasons for judgement insofar as they apply to Stewart Crameri and Brent Prismall.”


  1. These players are only human! If my boss who pays me tells me i have something that’s fine here take it yes i would find out but you can only find what they’ll give you. These athletes are all on the cutting edge trying to be better then the next and as stated only human. Now 3 plus years on and the fines the games missed the world booing them calling them cheats when it was the administrators fault why are these players put thru the ringer again. No evidence x2 times and all of a sudden there’s enough to find guilty pffffft smell a rat plague.

    • Facts Matthew: All of the players have had seminars on their responsibilities with regard to illegal substances. They were all asked prior to the charges if they had taken anything and they ALL said no (lied to WADA), they all knew what the substance was and no one thought to find out more about it. They all signed an agreement to take it. That’s why they are guilty and that’s why they are rightly being suspended. They are knowingly drug cheats.

    • No evidence?
      Smell a rat?

      Asada botched the initial investigation up because the AFL told them what they could and couldn’t ask. The AFL didn’t want Essendon to be found guilty.
      Then WADA came in and realised the whole process was dodgy af, and CAS did what should have been done 3 years ago.

      I still don’t believe the players are entirely at fault, but at the same time, they are adults who MUST take responsibility for their own actions. If you’d read the CAS findings, you would understand they at no point alerted authorities during the multitude of compulsory tests, that they were even involved in a supplements program. When in fact, they were wilful participants, regardless of whether they knew what they were taking or not, they actively denied it’s very existence. Why do that, if you thought you had nothing to hide?

      Hird, Dank, medical staff, and administrators should feel the brunt of the ramifications. The program they ultimately decided to run with was not only completely ethically irresponsible, but illegal.

    • The drug wasn’t banned until after the fact yes maybe they took it but where’s the evidence. Hate for you guys to be done for murder or crime in same evidence

  2. So let me get this right. The club asks players to sign a disclaimer that obsolves the club of any wrong doing and places all responsibility on players for what they get injected with. The players dont question what they are being injected with, and now they cry fowl because they received a banned substance. The club and all officials need to be held completely accountable. Hope a class action is taken against all officials involved. As for the players, if you are stupid enough to allow someone to inject you with something and not question whats in it, you deserve everything you get

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