A rival AFL club is reportedly planning to offer Chad Warner the biggest salary in AFL history in a bid to lure him home from the Sydney Swans.

Off-contract at the end of next season, Warner has remained coy on where his future lies and recently put contract negotiations on hold between him and the Swans for a new contract extension.

As reported by The Herald Sun's Jay Clarkthe Fremantle Dockers are interested in Warner's services and are planning a big-money offer to lure him back home to Western Australia.

It is understood that the Dockers are potentially planning to pay him approximately $1.5-1.6 million per season and will also provide the Swans with two first-round draft picks.

"There's a big watch on his contract. We know he's a WA boy and it does really seem that Fremantle is licking its lips at the prospect of getting Chad Warner,” Clark said on Fox Footy's Midweek Tackle television program.

“I mean, how do the Swans keep all their superstar midfielders, all their players - Blakey, Mills, Heeney, Gulden and Warner, who's not far off the No.1 player in the game right now.

“Fremantle have got three first-round picks in this year's draft. What they could do, and you've got to keep an eye on this at trade time, is if they trade one, two or potentially even three of their current picks into next year's draft, that gives them the war chest of picks.

“At least potentially two first-round draft picks to go to Sydney, pay Warner $1.5 to $1.6 million a year, satisfy Sydney with the two first-rounders and Warner gets to come home.

“I think we'll see them flag their intentions in this trade period, whether they shuffle back at least one or maybe two of those first-round picks.”

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The reports of the Dockers showing an interest in the Swans star comes after he reportedly baulked at a tabled contract extension at the end of May from the Swans, with the midfielder hitting pause on negotiations with the New South Wales club.

Providing no hint on where his future lies in an interview with 10 News Perth, Warner revealed that he is focused on winning a premiership with the Swans and is loving it in New South Wales at the moment.

"I'm loving it over (in New South Wales)," Warner said during the club's bye week. "I've got plenty of time at the Swans, so it's going to be great.

"That time will come when myself and my girlfriend want to decide whatever we want to do with our future.

"Not at this stage [am I looking to return to WA], to be honest. I'm enjoying the position and the window that we're in to win the premiership. That's all I'm concerned about, winning a 'granny' with this stacked team."

It is understood that the West Coast Eagles have previously shown an interest in recruiting him from the Swans and linking him up with Tim Kelly and Harley Reid.

"We are aware that Chad has 18 months left on his current contract with Sydney," Eagles boss Gavin Bell told The Age previously.

"If Chad wishes to return to Perth at any point to continue his career, we would love to have him play at our Club."

West Coast CEO Don Pyke shared the same view as Bell

"Clearly he's a West Australian boy," Pyke said.

"He's currently in Sydney. I've obviously been involved with Chad and coached around Chad in his development.

"He'd be a player we're interested in, of course."