Harris Maglis

    AFL tighten holding the ball interpretation

    The league is set to crackdown on players who "evade, fend, duck or neglect" prior opportunity.

    Every AFL club’s best 22 for ’22: Geelong Cats

    Is it premiership or bust for Chris Scott's men this year?

    If your team could steal one player: Sydney Swans

    How could the Swans improve on their promising young list?

    If your team could steal one player: Hawthorn Hawks

    Who would be the Hawks' best bet as Sam Mitchell continues to rebuild the club in his own image?

    Collingwood’s new croweaters set to thrive from SANFL exposure

    "It helps and it gives you a little bit of extra experience just in regards to that sort of high-level kind of sport."

    “I’ve lost a few kilos”: Slim Grundy refreshed from off-season in SA

    "Something that as a whole team we're trying to subscribe to is having winning habits every day, and for me that started as soon as last year finished."

    If your team could steal one player: Fremantle Dockers

    Who could launch the Dockers into premiership contention?

    If your team could steal one player: Essendon Bombers

    As they continue to develop, who could the Bombers pinch to bolster their young side?

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