North Melbourne senior coach Alastair Clarkson has penned a letter to Kangaroos members upon his return to the senior coaching helm this weekend.

The four-time Hawthorn premiership coach had spent a significant portion of time away from the club to focus on his health and well-being, absent from Arden Street since May amid the AFL's investigation into racism allegations at the Hawks.

As Clarkson reclaims his coaching reins in the lead-up to North's Round 21 clash with Melbourne, he shared meaningful thoughts on Tuesday with the club's loyal followers.

Within his letter of outpouring, Clarkson ensures to thank North's hierarchical leaders, Brett Ratten and the Roos' coaching group, as well as the Shinboners faithful.

"In all my time coaching, two critical priorities always preceded the investment in football: your health and your family," Clarkson's letter began.

"Ten weeks ago I came to the realisation I needed to be genuine to myself, my family and my football club and acknowledge those priorities were not being met. As a result, I needed to remove myself from the football treadmill.

"Now that I'm back, my gratitude is extended to those key stakeholders of the North Melbourne Football Club who became privy to my circumstances, and who demonstrated such empathy, compassion, support and patience.

"Sonja, Jen and Todd, alongside our club and supporters, all bunkered down and put in place two significant processes. The first one was to elevate Brett Ratten to deputise in my absence, and the other was to ensure I had the best possible chance of returning to good health.

"Ratts' most endearing feature has always been his sacrifice for others. Once again, he stepped forward in difficult circumstances and maintained morale and spirit within the club. Caryn and I both know the challenges Ratts and Jo have had to endure, and we were mindful of adding another challenge in dealing with our own needs. We cannot thank them enough for allowing us the time to get our lives back into perspective.

"The time away from the club has been difficult but imperative. Stepping aside was challenging, isolating, confronting and even a little embarrassing. I've now come to realise that nothing is embarrassing when it comes to addressing your physical and mental wellbeing.

"Caryn and I were getting warning signals regarding my physical and mental wellbeing on numerous occasions, and May 17 was the day of realisation that I could only invest in my family, my club and my community if I got myself back to full health.

"With the help of Dr David Cahill, Dr Peter Parker and Professor Steve Davis, we have put in place strategies that have been pivotal to my progress, and these are ongoing needs I endeavour to address moving forward.

"Ironically, returning to coaching our club is a very important part of that process.

"The North Melbourne Football Club has confronted many hurdles in its existence. Our members and supporters have consistently maintained faith in tough times and found a way to rise above these challenges.

"As a teenager, North Melbourne was there for me through adversity, where John Kennedy snr, Denis Pagan, Laurie Dwyer, Greg Miller and Ron Joseph gave me hope, ambition and optimism.

"That care has been extended to me again in these past three months and I am forever grateful for the unwavering support I have received from North Melbourne, my family and friends.

"I've watched closely how Ratts and the boys have fared in recent weeks. Although the wins haven't been forthcoming, we've taken steps forward in a number of areas. I‘m really looking forward to coming back in and building on the work the players and the footy department have done in my absence."

Last weekend, the Kangaroos fell to fellow strugglers the West Coast Eagles at Optus Stadium, signalling a new low in a season that has been chock-full of them.

Albeit, the Roos and the returning Clarkson will look to make amends this Sunday against the Demons in Tasmania.

North Melbourne's meeting with Melbourne at Blundstone Arena in Hobart is fixtured for this Sunday, August 6 at 1:10 PM (AEST).