A pair of Western Bulldogs players are facing nervous waits ahead of the AFL Match Review Officer's findings from Friday's game between the Dogs and Collingwood at Marvel Stadium.

An opening quarter incident involving young tall Sam Darcy is expected to be heavily scrutinised by the MRO, with the key forward a likely chance to be missing his side's next game at the very least.

A marking contest between Darcy and Collingwood's Brayden Maynard saw the latter first to the ball before being crushed by his opponent, who braced for the collision and didn't look to attempt to mark the ball.

Maynard underwent a head injury assessment as a result of the collision and was eventually able to play out the game, with the Magpie's health likely to work in favour of Darcy.

The young Bulldogs can expect a one or two-game suspension depending on the level of impact graded by the MRO. With the incident to be viewed as careless conduct and high contact, a medium impact grading would result in a one-game suspension.

A high impact grading would see Darcy banned for the next two matches against Brisbane and Fremantle.

Had Maynard failed his HIA, there would have been a strong chance Darcy could be facing a much longer penalty.

Darcy isn't the only Bulldog potentially facing a charge from the MRO, with defender Taylor Duryea potentially facing a striking charge for a first-term hit on Collingwood's Nick Daicos.

The incident took place in the Magpies' forward 50 and away from the play, with Duryea's swinging left arm collecting Daicos, who was behind his opponent, high.

The hit was seen by an officiating umpire, who placed Duryea on report for striking.

If viewed as a reportable offence by the MRO, Duryea's actions are likely to be graded as intentional conduct given his strike came away from the play.

Coupled with gradings of high contact grading and potentially low impact, Duryea would be facing a one-game suspension for the strike.

Duryea told ABC Sport after his side's win that swinging his arm "wasn't quite the right thing to do"/

"Was trying to shove him off me," he said. "It wasn't quite the right thing to do in the end. We'll see.

"I don't know if I can comment, I got reported last year and thought I was going to get off and I didn't."

The Bulldogs face Brisbane at Marvel Stadium next Friday before hosting the Dockers at the same venue the following weekend.

Collingwood star Josh Daicos can also expect some MRO attention for a third-term strike on Dog Lachie McNeil off the ball. Likely to be graded as intentional, the body shot on McNeil is expected to see Diacos hit with a fine for his actions.

The MRO's findings for Friday's game will be handed down on Saturday evening.