Leigh Montagna during a St Kilda Saints AFL training session at Linen House Oval on March 20, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

St Kilda midfielder Leigh Montagna helped seal the 31-point for the Saints against Brisbane on Sunday, kicking an important goal in the final quarter.

While Saints coach Alan Richardson would have been pleased with the goal itself, it was quite clear upon reflection that he had problems with the manner in which it was scored.

After receiving a handball from Luke Dunstan, Montagna found himself in the goal square all alone.

Instead of kicking the goal, the veteran midfielder waited and waited, baiting Brisbane into coming to try to tackle him.

Lions midfielder Tom Rockliff ran at Montagna to force the goal, and was shepherded by Jack Steele as Montagna put his side up by 16 points.

Following the replay of the goal, the camera cut to Richardson in the coaches box, and it didn’t take a lip reader to make out the coach’s thoughts.

After the game, Fox Footy’s Cameron Mooney interviewed Montagna on the field, who said it was just an innocent time-wasting tactic.

“I was just trying to waste as much time as possible. It was midway through the last quarter and it was pretty close, so I was just trying to milk a bit of the clock,” Montagna said.

“I hope it didn’t come across as disrespectful, I was just trying to waste some time.”