Herald Sun journalist Mark Robinson believes that the two Hawthorn players at the center of rape allegations late last year will not be charged.

“My belief is that investigation is over and there will be no charges whatsoever laid against two Hawthorn players,” Robinson said on SEN Radio on Friday.

“It will be announced very, very soon – we can’t say too much more at this stage but they were being investigated for rape and now my understanding is it’s not going to happen.

“So, where does that story start and we know where it’s ended – how does it get from the start to the end? I’ll put it under the umbrella of the crazy world we live in.”

It was reported that two players were being investigated after being accused of an alleged sexual assault in the back of a taxi the week after the 2015 AFL Grand Final.


    • Sorry folks but from the latest I heard this week Travis Cloke and Dane Swan Have been cleared of any wrong doing.But not so the girls and their male friends who shopped around until the Women’s Weekly paid them$200,000( supposedly)

  1. I work in the court system and people have no idea. Accused of a crime doesn’t make someone guilty. Being a public figure would be much worse than just a regular person.

    People on here have no clue.

  2. As a Hawks supporter and member I’m relieved that the Police have decided to drop the investigation. I hope these two young men have learned a valuable lesson and that their reputations aren’t affected by this accusation.

  3. honestly there were too many hole’s in the story which made no sense to me was there a rape kit done? any bruise’s or any sign’s of a struggle what about the camera footage were it first started

  4. Another crime under the carpet like the rest Kennett must have some connection in the courts twice now he been envolved both times it’s been swept under the carpet .wonder how much money this cost the club .

    • It’s not good. Not only has this girl put two young men through undue stress but it does nothing for people who actually do get raped. This girl needs some serious help

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