Irrespective of whether you prefer Supercoach or Fantasy, the aim of the game has always been to post the highest score.

Naturally, your chances improve when your team is loaded with superstars.

However, much the same as the main game, salary caps stymie any chance of selecting a potential All-Australian outfit from the outset.

In a game that rewards wheeling, dealing and picking players before they are appealing, selecting the right cash cows at the start of the season has the potential to send your scores soaring and keep your bank balance in the green.

Like the stock market, buying low and selling high is the key.

There are no rookies on this list, as we will be profiling the cream of the draft crop at a later date.

With this in mind, here is our list of the ten best players to milk and flip in 2021.

3. Hayden Young

Supercoach Price - $279,400
Fantasy Price - $337,000

Young by name and young by nature, the Dockers had high hopes for Hayden when they used the seventh overall pick to land him in the 2019 Draft.

In his five games across his debut year, Young managed a Supercoach average of 52 and 51.6 over on Fantasy, with a mean of just 10 disposals per game.

After spending his first season fine tuning how Fremantle defends, expect Young to both permanently find his way into Justin Longmuir's back six and boost his output before too long.

Like Clark, keep an eye on his pre-season form before pulling the trigger.