Despite currently residing at the foot of the AFL ladder with a 1-14 record and coterie members calling for boardroom heads to roll, there may still be air between the rebuilding Roos and a realistic rock bottom.

Though powerbrokers at Arden Street have been transparent about the length their current overhaul is set to take, the beatings dealt out on a weekly basis have taken the vast majority of breaths from their balloon.

Still, with their historical debt wiped and a recruiting ploy in place to attack the future, the club known for their propensity for always facing up to a fight is prepared to get their fists dirty again.

Within a report published by The Age this week, it was suggested that North Melbourne held the view of obtaining a general behind the ball in the mould of Luke Hodge during his tenure with the Lions.

But while the notion of luring a seasoned veteran to help raise the Roos off the canvas may well work in theory, before one can be snared, a short-list must first be drawn.

While North has kept their cards close to their chest regarding the names in their crosshairs, you can be sure that if they are to pull the trigger on an import, it will be one that meets most of these metrics:

- Is open to seeking a final challenge before hanging their boots up
- Has proven their leadership qualities across the course of their career
- Has proven capabilities in steering sides
- Has obvious claims to a coaching role once their playing career concludes

With this in mind, here are the prime candidates currently plying their trade on rival lists.

Although most names on this list will appear to be unrealistic trade options on the surface, but so too did the notion of Hodge, and his former teammate, Sam Mitchell, coming clad in anything other than a brown and gold guernsey.

Still, with the left-field nature of many of these pitches in mind, only read on after consuming a grain of salt or two.

2. Brisbane – Daniel Rich

While Rich and the Lions go together like spaghetti and meatballs, the Western Australian’s ability to launch the pill from defence and vocally muster would be worth their weight in gold if they came in a blue and white guernsey.

Despite still being contracted for another campaign at the Gabba, Rich is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the cessation of the 2023 season.

So, even if the Roos are made to bide their time for 12 months, the ever-so slim chance of a successful pitch to Rich remains live.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 23: Daniel Rich of the Lions in action during the round one AFL match between the Brisbane Lions and the West Coast Eagles at The Gabba on March 23, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)