Another nine games down and another week of premium players underperforming.

Don't fret, folks. We here at Zero Hanger share your pain.

Although many high-priced players failed to reach triple figures again in Round 2, at least those of you that stuck with the ‘set and forget' ruck combination of Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy saw some return on your investment.

With the third week of the marathon season set to commence on Thursday night, we have sought to steer you through another hectic week on the trading floor.

Whether you have already rung the changes in a huff or you are still assessing your options, here are the names that you ‘Fantasy Freaks' should be bringing in, moving on and keeping tabs on ahead of the season's third week.


Taylor Walker ($470,000)

Look, we can't believe we're saying it either.

However, with ‘Tex' currently leading the Coleman, providing great yields for his 4% of owners and his sensationally low breakeven score, you could do worse than consider the 30-year-old for this week.

With an average of 112.5 Fantasy points across the first two weeks of the season, Walker's breakeven ahead of Adelaide's clash with the Gold Coast this weekend sits at just 2.

Jack Crisp ($733,000)

Despite being listed as a defender; Jack Crisp spent the vast majority of Thursday night's win outside of the defensive arc.

The former Lion attended 16 of Collingwood's centre bounces – just under half of the game's total – and finished with 36 disposals and 117 Fantasy points.

If you have been given strife with your premium defenders, throw Crisp's name in the mix, as a precedent in terms of his positioning appeared to be set last week.

Rhys Stanley ($582,000)

This may seem like it is from left field, but after cracking the tonne in the Cats' win on Friday night, Rhys Stanley looks a superb inclusion for those struggling with their ruck stocks.

The Geelong big man attended almost every one of the hoop's centre bounces and collected 24 hitouts, 22 disposals and 109-points across the Round 2 clash.

Although many of these were collected whilst his direct opponent Oscar McInerney was sidelined, if you are a part of the Sam Draper owners club, consider the former Saint as a sound ‘like for like' replacement.


Jaidyn Stephenson ($531,000)

Apologies for the bum steer last week, folks, but if you happened to take our advice and you nabbed Stephenson ahead of Round 2, we suggest you stick with him – at least for another week.

Although the 22-year-old backed his 128 Round 1 points up with a dismal 51-points last week, the forward only needs to hit 58 on Good Friday to breakeven.

Still, keep an eye on his shrinking CBAs – down from 10 to 4 in the space of six days.

Zac Williams ($612,000)

Touted as one of the ‘must have' defenders before the season's first bounce, those that brought the debuting Blue into their line up would have been jumping for joy after his first quarter.

However, following the final siren, these leaps and bounds were likely to have ceased.

As predicted, the former Giant did spend a vast majority of Thursday night away from the defensive arc, but his inability to find the footy after the first break should have worried more coaches than just David Teague.

The 26-year-old did attend 20 centre bounces against the Pies, and he did collect 60 disposals, but his 63 Fantasy points was below par.

Stick with Williams for the near future, as his high ceiling was evident for at least a portion of last week.

Shai Bolton ($607,000)

This message may only be aimed at 16% of coaches across the globe, but if you were having thoughts of moving one of last season's biggest improvers on, hold off for a minute.

Although Bolton only attended seven centre bounces on Sunday, the 22-year-old only left the ground for 14% of the game.

Bolton's average of 71.5 points across Richmond's first pair of games is handy if you have him placed in your forward 50, but simply not up to snuff if he's higher up on your magnet board.

The Western Australian's midfield minutes may be down from his 2020 peak, but with the Tigers set to face stiffer opposition across the next month, this may well change.

Hold him if you have got him.


Paddy Dow ($345,000)

After a blistering practice match performance against Essendon, many of us were pretty keen to include the former Pick 3 in our forward lines. However, after a rough first fortnight of the season, the 42% of coaches that own Dow are at a fork in the road.

Although only averaging 54-points in the first two weeks and coming off a 44 total against Collingwood, the frustrating Blue still only needs 39-points this weekend to breakeven.

The 21-year-old still managed to attend the same amount of centre bounces as Round 1 (12) and even managed to increase his time spent on the ground by 4%, but if his disposal count is going to continue trending south, set your sights elsewhere.

Jye Caldwell ($529,000)

After the highs of a 100+ points score in Round 1, the sadly familiar sidelining of Jye Caldwell a week later had a large portion of coaches riding the rollercoaster of emotions with the 20-year-old.

Set to miss somewhere between six to eight weeks of football, the former Giant must be moved on.

Sam Draper ($453,000)

Like his new teammate and fellow rehab group member, Sam Draper provided his smattering of owners with some reasonable return on their low-risk investment.

Still, like Caldwell, the mulleted ruckman is expected to be sidelined for somewhere in the vicinity of two-months.

As mentioned, if you are looking for a ‘like for like' trade option, consider Geelong's Rhys Stanley.


With more uncertainty about premium players ability to post high scores than in previous years, it has been the rookies that have bailed many capsized coaches out across the first fortnight.

Following his first up tonne in week one, Errol Gulden again reached triple figures (101) in Sydney's second win for the year. Fellow winner and grinner James Jordan improved on his first up 80 with his debut tonne (105) in Melbourne's win over the Saints.

Gulden's teammates Chad Warner (69) and Braeden Campbell (71) also looked polished in their first games on the SCG.

The 58% of coaches that own Giants' giant Matt Flynn (72) would be pleased with his second up effort in yet another GWS loss.

Midfield / Forward
Average Score

Highest Round 3 Breakevens 

Lachie Neale: 191
Tom Rockliff: 184
Reilly O'Brien: 171
Max Gawn: 159
Andrew Gaff: 159
Lachie Hunter: 154
Jake Lloyd: 153
Dylan Shiel: 147
Adam Treloar: 147
Steele Sidebottom: 141

Lowest Round 3 Breakevens

James Jordan: -39
Errol Gulden: -30
Matt Flynn: -24
Chad Warner: -12
Tyler Brockman: -9
Miles Bergman: -6
Taylor Walker: -4
Braeden Campbell: -2
Tom Highmore: 0
Paul Hunter: 0

Our current trade plans

Ed Carmine

Tom Green to Chad Warner
Jye Caldwell to Bailey Smith

As a coach that has been hit with the hamstrung Caldwell, i've jumped aboard the Chad Warner train in the hopes that he becomes the Swans' third rising star nominee in as many weeks.

With my second trade i've bitten the bullet and begrudgingly moved on the Giants' Tom Green moved Bailey Smith into my M4 slot.

Ben Cotton

Will Brodie to Charlie Lazzaro
Jye Caldwell to Josh Dunkley

I had crack at a POD in Brodie and while the midfield role is sort of there, the scoring simply isn't. I'm trading him over Dow, who are both scoring similar, as it lets me get Caldwell to Dunkley.

It's time to load up on Bulldogs, who will provide fantasy heaven in 2021. It will be a pigsty against North Melbourne this week at Marvel Stadium.