The past decade has showcased the glorious highs and deflating lows of football.

The game of Aussie Rules is filled with ecstasy and agony both on the field and off it, testing the emotional strength of its fans.

Collectively we have compiled a list - in no particular order - of the most passionate, heart-breaking and compelling moments in the AFL from the last 10 seasons.

2. John McCarthy's unexplainable death

Port Adelaide recruit John McCarthy fell to his death in September 2012 in Las Vegas at a post-season vacation trip.

Although the circumstances are clear, no one to this day can explain the thoughts and reasoning that that lead McCarthy's final moments.

The decision to this day still rattles people and was the first death of a current AFL player since Melbourne’s Troy Broadbridge passing in Thailand's 2004 tsunami.

The death rocked McCarthy's family as well as the entire AFL community.