GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07: The Cats celebrate after they defeated the Eagles during the round seven AFL match between the Geelong Cats and the West Coast Eagles at Simonds Stadium on May 7, 2016 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

More contenders have emerged, we have one team undefeated and another winless and the shot clock has caused some controversy. All that and more in the latest edition of winners and losers.

Winner: Shot Clock

It was brought in as an element of fan engagement and to help clear up the 30-second rule when lining up for goal. However, at the end of the North Melbourne and St Kilda game, Mason Wood watched the 30 seconds count down on the big screen with the full-time siren coming before the time ran out.

In my opinion, whether the clock was there or not, he would of taken the 30-seconds anyway, if you’re team is up by a point with minutes to go – which the runner would have told them – then your natural instinct is to waste time. If you have the ability to use a rule to your advantage, why not use it.

As for getting rid of it, it was brought in to help the umpires. By getting rid of it, we’re going back to human error which is something the game is trying to move away from.

Loser: West Coast

They can’t travel. It is as simple as that. To win premierships you need to be able to win on the road, and the only way West Coast is going to be in contention for this year’s flag, is if they turn around their shocking away form.

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The Eagles can’t make a grand final without a top two finish, which grantees two home finals, and the way they are going now, I can’t see them getting that home final. Take them out of your premier predictions!

Winner: Geelong

The Cats are looking very good at the moment and a win over Adelaide this weekend in enemy territory will see them firm as favourites for this year’s flag.

They have knocked off last season’s premiers and runners-up quite convincingly. Other than the GWS loss and maybe the Essendon game, the Cats have blown teams away and they didn’t just beat the Suns, the won by 120 points.

North haven’t loss so far this year, but the Cats are looking like the superior outfit. I guess we’ll find out in round 12.

Loser: Collingwood

It seems to be one step forward and three steps back for Collingwood who were looking like they turned a corner after their ANZAC Day win over the Bombers.

The loss to the Eagles in Perth was understandable, but losing to Carlton is not something we associate with Collingwood and unfortunately it is going to be a long road back for Nathan Buckley and the Pies.

Like Richmond, Collingwood’s recruits have not lived up to the hype and now face the fact that their list just isn’t good enough. For a team I had breaking the eight this season, it is bitterly disappointing to see them playing the way they are.

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Winner: Carlton

Three in a row! Amazingly Carlton is now just one game outside the top eight and riding high on confidence under new coach Brendan Bolton.

Wins against Fremantle, Essendon and Collingwood have led many to rethink just how many games the Blues will win this season. It is great to see a struggling club like the Blues and even the Demons for that matter, punch above their weight. Everyone loves a good underdog.

Who what have thought that at the end of Round 7, Carlton would be sitting in 12th, above Collingwood, Richmond and Fremantle. Well done Blues, and may this form continue.

Loser: Don Pyke and Adelaide

Seeing fans blame the umpires for their team losing is normal and a part of our game, but seeing the coach of the losing team publicly call them out is a bit disappointing.

Great premiership winning teams look past this and focus on their own deficiencies, rather than those who officiate our game. Just a few weeks ago, Geelong coach Chris Scott said the reason Geelong isn’t getting enough free-kicks is purely down to them and that it is a Geelong problem.

Besides, generally the team that has the most free-kicks is getting to the ball first and going harder at the contest. It is an issue that is not needed at Adelaide at present with the visit of the Cats on Friday night.