Dustin Martin during Richmond's open training on December 20, 2022 (Photo by Cameron Grimes/Zero Digital Sports)

Richmond star Dustin Martin has been unwittingly caught up in a crime spree that has seen two people arrested.

Martin, 31, became entangled in the string of alleged incidents which included the ramming of a police vehicle after his four-wheel drive was stolen from a St Kilda service station last week.

As reported by 7News' Mitch Cleary, Martin was not present when his vehicle was stolen, having instead lent the use of said vehicle on the day of the alleged theft.

"Martin lent his Range Rover to a friend who went inside to pay for fuel but left the keys in the car," Cleary stated.

"A 29-year-old man from Springvale pounced, allegedly stealing Martin's car, which was spotted by police around five hours later.

"When officers tried to intervene, the driver rammed an unmarked police car and another vehicle. The driver ran off but was caught. He and a female accomplice have now been charged.

"Police say they found drugs in the stolen car and have charged the alleged thief in relation to the contents of those drugs.

While not present at the site and time of the alleged crime, Martin is said to have kept the club informed of the evolving matter.