Sam Newman

Controversial The Footy Show co-host Sam Newman has unleashed on the Muslim community on this week’s Sam, Mike and Thommo podcast.

In the wake of the incident which saw Muslims Bachar Houli and Adam Saad come together ahead of Richmond’s clash with Essendon last Friday night in a bid to show a gesture of unity following a divisive speech delivered during Parliament last week, Newman slammed Muslims, suggesting they aren’t on the same page as the rest of the nation.

“They don’t generally nationalise, they colonise,” Newman said.

“There are 600,000 Muslims in Australia, they share no common interest with what we’re on about.”

Newman went on to suggest Muslims were becoming a “huge problem” in Europe, and now also in the United States.

“Why would the AFL, instead of thinking they’re virtuous by getting those boys to shake hands, instead they’re being divisive,” Newman said.

Newman then defended Queensland senator Fraser Anning and his comments suggesting Australia should limit Muslim immigration.

“Of course he’s been vilified because people don’t want to be identified with what might be … popular opinion, as opposed to being virtue signalling in saying that we’re not racist,” he said.

The former Geelong star wanted the AFL to not worry about being political, and should instead focus on fixing the look and feel of the game itself.

“They just to get a game on, and get the rules right and get it umpired properly and get a match review panel is competent … that’s all they got to do,” Newman said.