Adam Treloar Media Opportunity
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 13: Adam Treloar poses during a Western Bulldogs AFL media opportunity at Whitten Oval on November 13, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

Just when you thought the messy Adam Treloar saga had been put to bed once and for all - it hasn't.

As first reported by AFL Media's Damian Barrett, Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs are at loggerheads over how much they will each contribute to his $4.5 million salary over the next five seasons.

The 27-year old was traded from the Magpies to the Bulldogs in the dying seconds of the the AFL trade period to end one of the ugliest departures ever seen.

Formal paperwork is normally lodged within a week of the trade period, however, AFL Media reports a special exemption was granted for the Treloar deal and the new deadline was extended to this Friday.

Barrett reports that the two clubs are “as far apart as $200,000 a year on at least one season”, with the Bulldogs acquiring Treloar on the assumption that Collingwood would pay $300,000 of his annual salary.

However, the report states that the Magpies are holding firm on the amount they will have to cover, which is less than rival teams were initially led to believe, and hold a view that it is “not their problem'".

Speaking on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast on Thursday morning, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire said the contract stalemate between the two clubs is "not unusual".

“The Dogs will remember those who stood by them when they had no friends and voted for them and looked after equalisation and things like that,” McGuire, with tongue in cheek, said.

He then added: “This is not unusual … Maybe it is unusual, but I was told it’s not that unusual.

“It’ll get sorted.”

The Magpies' trade period has come under intense scrutiny - with the club also offloading Jaidyn Stephenson and Atu Bosenavulagi to North Melbourne and Tom Phillips to Hawthorn in a salary dump