The hip pocket of AFL fans will be hit a little harder when wanting to buy food and drink at the MCG this season, with chips, pies, beer, soft drinks and water all undergoing price hikes.

A schooner of draught will now cost $10.50 at the footy, increasing by $1 from 2022's fee, while chips, pies and hot dogs all face the same markups, costing $5.50 each this year.

A bottle of water has risen by 60 cents to now cost $4.00, while soft drinks have jumped from $4.70 to $5.50.

Chicken burgers will now cost fans $11.00, undergoing a markup of $1.50 for the 2023 season.

The MCG price rises come just days after Marvel Stadium confirmed its price list for the year ahead, with the Docklands venue making a handful of changes.

While meat pies and hot chips will remain the same at $4.50, a schooner of beer will make the same jump at both Marvel Stadium and the MCG, moving from $9.50 to $10.50.

Marvel's pricing for a 600ml bottle of water has also jumped $4.00, while their cost for a hot dog ($6.00), burger ($12.00) and soft drink ($5.50) haven't changed from their 2022 pricings.

MCG food & drink prices for 2023 AFL season

Hot chips - $5.50 (up from $4.50 in 2022)
Hot dog - $5.50 (up from $4.50)
Meat Pie - $5.50 (up from $4.50)
Bottled water - $4.00 (up from $3.40)
Soft drink - $5.50 (up from $4.70)
Chicken burger - $11.00 (up from $9.50)
Schooner of beer - $10.50 (up from $9.50)

Data via News Corp