With a faultless run in 2022 it is hard to imagine a conversation that involves Geelong searching for players to poach to help build a list greater than the one it already proudly boasts.

But, with the storied ageing list, we look at holes in the ground in need of filling.

During the Cats' off-season, they targeted former GWS draftee Tanner Bruhn, with the young rising star striking a deal, in return for a first-round selection.

Experienced campaigner Joel Selwood announced his retirement leaving a void in both the captaincy role and in the engine room itself, where he became a stalwart over a long period of time.

In this fantasy world, we throw contract talks and salary cap issues out the window, in naming four players that would slot into their current list, whilst drawing a verdict on only one as a solution.

List Needs

With the aforementioned ageing list still worn as a badge of honour amongst the Cats faithful, it raises a point worth noting, with needs surrounding a younger crop of talent at Kardinia Park.

The ruck stocks of Mark Blicavs and Rhys Stanley have been used sparingly for the majority of Chris Scott's tenure, with the pair forming a formidable partnership with their midfield group.

Weight however needs to be added in the depth department, with backup options in short supply, it calls for an eye to be run over the potential bolstering of their tall-timbered counterparts.

Key forward Tom Hawkins has shown his rucking prowess within the 50-metre arc, adopting the shove-out method and controlling many of the forward half stoppages within his vicinity.

Further afield, a glaring issue arises when scanning an eye across their defensive six setup, with a lack of run and carry ball users a problem hurting their rebound 50 game, with explosive power needed.

Zach Touhy is one that wears many hats in the Cats lineup, one of which includes the half-back position, but with the 33-year-old nearing the end, list management staff can circle that spot.

Hawkins is another in the same boat as Touhy playing on in the latter half of his career, with a depth key forward on the cards to fill the big shoes of the star 34-year-old when the time is right.

Here are the four players we think would be the perfect additions for Geelong.

2. Tom De Koning


Tom De Koning looms as another prized selection high on the agenda for the Cats' list management staff to mull over, with the potential to join his brother Sam De Koning in the blue and white hoops.

One of the game's rising stars in the ruck department, the 23-year-old carries the weight of promise on his shoulders with the Cats suited to lure the tall-timbered young man through the doors of Kardinia Park.

Standing at 203cm, the gentle giant plays with ferocious competitiveness, with the ability to act as a smaller more agile fourth midfielder at times during the centre bounces in the middle.

Adding strings to his bow as he gains more and more experience with games under his belt, De Koning presents as a lucrative target the Cats will be hoping can put pen to paper in a hurry.