Rebecca Madern made her debut on The Footy Show on Thursday night, to mixed reviews from fans.

One thing that did leave viewers perplexed, was what was written on Maddern’s hand.

Fans took to social media to question whether the new co-host came onto the set with notes written on her left hand.

In terms of Maddern’s addition to the program, fans were divided on her performance on her debut show.


  1. where’s Kelly? she was commentating for channel ten a few years back. Why isn’t she commentating now? I mean she was doing just as a good job, if not better than people like Bruce McAvaney, who have also never played the game at the highest level. And FYI Marngrook have had women involved in there show since day dot.

  2. She did the best she possibly could for a debut. You could tell she wasn’t quite settled in yet and lacked the confidence to jump in and give her two cents in a heated discussion (you have to cut each other off to get a word in on the Footy show) but she will gain confidence over time and will be a fantastic, refreshing addition to The Footy Show.

    Well done Rebecca! πŸ™‚

  3. Won’t be watching the footy show anymore because if you notice she always went to billy Brownless nearly every time she spoke get rid of her and just let James Bradshaw host the show

  4. She lost me when quoted saying on show ” there shouldn’t be Grand Final played the following week if original grand final was drawn because players already have there holidays booked”

  5. A great move channel 9… how to kill of a footy show. Why ruin the chemistry that the guys bring to the show every week. She wouldn’t understand the wit and sarcasm of the footballer because she’s never played the game… you can see how she has already watered-down the show.
    Sorry but get Billy Brownless back in that seat and leave it to the boys. Before you stuff up our show completely

  6. I agree… worst show ever. Send her to Rio to comment on the women’s netball or hockey or soccer. Never needed her fake laugh and HARD Questions!!!! Obviously got friends in management at CHANNEL 9.

  7. Shameless attempt at publicity to bring in a female to what is a boys club. Desperate attempt akin to McDonald’s selling salads, not why people go there for. For sure Sam is a chauvinistic pig and the humor is purile, childish and often sexist, but that’s what it’s fans wanted. If people don’t want to watch it change the channel, but that’s what the public have been doing and now in the wake of the Lyon scandal, 9 seems to think putting a female co host will solve it all. I briefly tuned in as I do some weeks and it was clearly uncomfortable, like your mum sitting in your classroom and everyone was on their best behavior. Been a good run, but the show is now a dinosaur with the same tired jokes that are repeated infinitum, Sams constant stumbling over placenames, the Lyon lookalikes, Crawfords childish pranks and Billys fat jokes. Time to call it a day.

    • You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I saw it. Can’t bring a daytime reporter on to fix it, no matter how good she might be. Sam looked like a castrated dog. It was pitiful.

  8. Wanted her to do well … I’m hoping she was nervous because by the end of the show id had enough of her .. not sure what that rediculous black throat collar thing was about

  9. There are a hell of a lot of woman that are in the audience, I would also guess a lot of you making comments don’t want them in there either, it’s only been one night, give it a chance.

  10. Didn’t watch it but 2 things. Gotta be better than knob head Lyon. But a lady on a footy panel is not right. She may know aspects of the game but she hasn’t played one minute. Doesn’t work on NRL either. Love Bec to bits and hope I’m wrong.

  11. I thought she did well, she was nervous and that’s to be expected. Can’t be worse than last weeks show it was boring as hell. Sam rant was a piece of shit, he needs to rant about footy not useless information. Still have to leave the room when Damian comes on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. For the first time in a long long time we had the hard footy questions been asked. It was an improvement from the #boysclub crap it’s been for 4-5 years. I might tune in again. Great start Rebecca!

  13. Just like a footballer having their first game bit nervous but got the job done . Think you will find each week she will grow on us and be a regular for many years on the footy show

  14. It’s not a matter of being male or female – I just don’t think the show needs 2 hosts or 3 if you count Sam. I thought that when it was Gary and James too. Plus it has the journo in Barrett as well….

  15. pity the guys were so Awkward around her. maybe a bit less of the cleavage. yes i know. people will have something to say about this comment. try to be less sexy. and a part of the team

  16. Talk about a fish out of water,go back to reading the news Bec,while you still have a chance of saving your career.
    The Footy Show is crap,and should be put to rest.

  17. she was very very good in my opinion asked the hard questions which is wat u gotta do at times i give her 10/10 was very good she’ll get even beta from here

  18. Very polished, very professional. I think notes written on the palm of the hand qualify this, along with her introduction of Suns’ captain as “the one, the only Gary Ablett.” Who was his father then? Haha

  19. The show will be so filtered and censored now that it’s basically ruined let’s not forget Wat happened to gayle for saying don’t blush….. No point even having Sam on there now as he wont be able to say anything like last night. But hey she was great lets get a few more of her on there then we can change the name to the view

  20. If I wanted to hear what women thought about football I’d ……….. actually i give a toss what women think about football! It is a fact of life that every time a woman gets involved with any manly activity they stuff it up!

  21. If channel 7 talking footy was on at the same time wouldn’t watch the footy show any more. Football greats opinions is what I want hear not stare at a pair of tits and becs all night

  22. My only question is why do all shows on tv now there has to be a female? I understand equality but there has to be line drawn somewhere, the afl footy show has gone fine for over 2 decades with blokes being blokes, can someone please explain to me wtf is wrong with having 1 all male show on tv?

  23. Will no longer watch the footy show due to her being on it. Is just not what the footy show is about. She tried too hard to be like the rest of the panel in the way they take the micky and it blew up. RIP The Footy Show

  24. I actually enjoyed it lastnight. How many times can you tease Gary about his eyebrows and stretcher?? Was over it last year and turned off.. The only blemish lastnight is brayshaw always referring to billy as FAT!! Try using his name you scrawny faggott!!! #fresh

  25. The Footy Show has now been on-air 23 years.. In that time, the presenters and the guest panels have NEVER minced their words due to fear of backlash of female opinion; the studio is full of female employees, as the audience is full of female supporters as well, always.. Why the boys would filter their comments now that a female is actually behind the hosting deck strikes me.. Rebecca is one hell of a host, and she will be giving to the guys harder than they can take it, believe me.. Go Bec!! 😊

  26. Tried too hard to be “one of the boys”. It’s not a bad idea, but I reckon someone like Jonathan Brown would be a better option.

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