Triple M reporter Jay Clark has explained how Collingwood could land Jeremy Cameron if star midfielder Adam Treloar is to depart the Magpies.

Speaking on Dead Set Legends, Clark suggested Collingwood would pull the trigger on moving on their star if it meant landing Cameron and a first round draft pick in the same window.

The futures of the former Giants teammates remains up in the air, despite Treloar being contracted to the Magpies while Cameron remains out-of-contract for 2021 and wanting a larger sum from Greater Western Sydney.

“I think the situation as it stands is that he (Treloar) is quite anxious, really, to know where his future lies,” Clark said.

“Because what we haven’t heard of the last 48-72 hours is Collingwood coming out and saying ‘that’s all garbage, that trade stuff, Adam Treloar, he’s a required player, we’re gonna keep him here for the long term’.

“I think really the situation is that Collingwood are coming super hard and super late for Jeremy Cameron, and if they’re weighing up either having $800,000 of cap space for Adam Treloar or Jeremy Cameron, they’d much prefer Jeremy Cameron, because he’s exactly what they need.

“They can get him as a free agent for nothing, and if they offload Adam Treloar they can get a first round pick for him.”

Leigh Montagna questioned which player would sit as the club’s higher priority.

“So you believe if Jeremy Cameron says ‘I wanna come to Collingwood’, that Collingwood will then offload Adam Treloar and use that money for Jeremy Cameron and get a first round pick?” Montagna said.

In response, Clark believed the Magpies would be in a strong position to land Cameron.

“If Cameron said I wanna play at Collingwood, I’d be surprised if they couldn’t make that happen,” Clark said.