Collingwod forward Alex Fasolo is under AFL investigation after being caught on camera appearing to urinate during his side’s NAB Challenge match against Geelong at Simonds Stadium.

Broadcast cameras appeared to capture Fasolo urinating into a cup while sitting on the bench during the second quarter. has reported that the league will take several factors into consideration when determining an outcome.

These include the fact that Collingwood’s away change rooms were on the other side of the ground, meaning Fasolo would have had to cross the playing arena or walk around the entire ground to use the toilet.

The 23-year-old appeared to do his best to relive himself discretely, including covering himself with a towel, which could work in his favour when the AFL makes its decision.


  1. Can’t see the big deal really he sat down put a towel over him and discreetly pissed in a cup. It’s not like he flopped his dick out on the ground in the huddle and took a piss

  2. Shouldn’t be playing at a crap ground like kardinia park if the facilities aren’t up to scratch. As for the judgemental wastes of space bagging Fas what would you done if in the same position whdn the toilets are on the opposite side of the ground?????.

  3. Im astonished that he didnt comprehend that this could be wrong…jesus the toilets are only a short way behind him… its disgusting, the guy is a dirty grub, f*&*ck you really want a guy like that hanging around the change rooms?? Whats next, he shits in someones locker?? The guy needs a psychiatric assessment before anything else.. seriously, what kind of wanker pulls a stunt like this??

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