MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 01: Alex Rance of the Tigers handballs during a Richmond Tigers AFL training session at Punt Road Oval on June 1, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Former Port Adelaide midfielder Kane Cornes has slammed Richmond star Alex Rance, for what he claims to be one of the worst dives he’s ever seen.

During a marking contest in the third quarter, Shaun McKernan appeared to have gotten the better of Rance, before the umpire gave the four-time All-Australian a free kick for a push in the back.

Cornes wasn’t pleased with Rance’s efforts, and said the umpires should not have been sucked in by such a poor, blatant attempt at a dive.

“Alex Rance’s one on the weekend was as poor as I’ve seen,” Cornes told SEN Breakfast on Monday morning.

“I thought it was just a really ordinary attempt at milking a free kick, and unfortunately the umpire was gullible enough to be sucked in by it.

“Now it didn’t have any influence on the game but can you imagine if it was a big game and an umpire overturned a decision like that, it could be a two goal turnaround.

“He (Rance) needs to have a serious think about what he’s doing and the legacy he wants to leave because we know what a star player he is.

“But it’s almost like his career will have this little stein on it because of these five or six incidents that he’s had over the last three years.”