Name: Jacob Hopper

Position: Midfield

DOB: 06/02/1997

Height: 186cm

Weight: 82kg

Current club: North Ballarat Rebels

Draft range: 3-13

Pub summary: Inside midfielder who hits the scoreboard


  • Contested ball winner
  • Clearances
  • Vision
  • Tackling


  • Footskills
  • Spread


Jacob Hopper is widely tipped to be the third player drafted in the 2015 AFL Draft behind Joshua Schache and Jacob Weitering. Hopper is arguably the best midfielder in this draft and almost certainly the best inside midfielder. The mix of Hopper’s contested football winning ability, awareness in traffic, tackling execution and clearance work will make him attractive to all clubs.

Hopper has that rare ability to set up play from inside the contest. He not only wins the pill, but often chooses the best option very quickly and releases his team mates with quick delivery.

The question marks over his game are around his ability to spread from the contest- which is likely a result of his contested possession focus and his footskills- which are by no means below average, when you compare him to more outside players though he isn’t at their level.

We see Jacob Hopper as a top 5 pick at this stage and find it hard to see that changing.


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