Name: Joshua Schache

Position: Key Forward

DOB: 21/08/1997

Height: 199cm

Weight: 96kg

Draft range: 1-2

Pub summary: Number 1 pick. Strong marking powerful key forward with great endurance.


  • Endurance
  • Marking
  • Kicking for goal


  • Defensive pressure


With the currency that exists around key forwards these days it's hard to see a forward like Joshua Schache missing out on the honour of being the first player drafted this year.

A dominant forward who marks the ball with authority. His great endurance and brilliant footskills are a rare combination. That isn’t however where the praise for Schache ends, he also has great vision, is clean at ground level and makes good decisions. Schache truly has the ability to be one of the premier forwards of his generation.

One of very few criticisms of Schache’s game is that there are question marks around his defensive pressure. No doubt a few years in the AFL system will see this rectified however, especially if Schache is drafted first as many expect.