Round 17 saw another exciting round of football, with a number of upsets as well as statements made by the best.

With the 2021 AFL Premiership season starting to well and truly heat up en route to the finals, we take a look at our Zero Hanger MVP votes for Round 17.

Port Adelaide 55 def by Melbourne 86

In a must win game for Port to prove themselves against the competitions best, the Demons ultimately outclassed them in a performance that stamped their place back upon the top of the ladder.

Christian Petracca was enormous in a dominant display, amassing 33 disposals along with three goals. Tom McDonald and Kysaiah Pickett also hit the scoreboard with three goals a piece, whilst Ben Brown struggled in his long awaited call up to the team. Brownlow smokey Ollie Wines did his best to keep his side in the contest with 33 touches and a goal of his own.

Ed Carmine: 5. Christian Petracca, 4. Christian Salem, 3. Steven May, 2. Tom McDonald, 1. Karl Amon.
Mitch Keating: 5. Christian Petracca, 4. Tom McDonald, 3. Steven May, 2. Christian Salem, 1. Travis Boak.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Christian Petracca, 4. Christian Salem, 3. Ollie Wines, 2. Steven May, 1. Travis Boak.
Nick Splitter: 5. Christian Petracca, 4. Clayton Oliver, 3. Christian Salem, 2. Steven May, 1. Max Gawn.

Essendon 84 def Adelaide 21

One of the most disappointing Friday Night games in recent memory saw Essendon win convincingly over the Crows. Zach Merrett continued his impressive season with 35 touches, whilst rookie Archie Perkins looks likely to take out this weeks rising star nomination for his three goal effort.

Rory Laird and Brodie Smith both did their best to lift a largely disappointing Crows performance. Matthew Nicks is left scratching his head with Adelaide being the most out of form side with the worse 10 week record in the competition.

Ed Carmine: 5. Zach Merrett, 4. Archie Perkins, 3. Rory Laird, 2. Reilly O'Brien, 1. Peter Wright.
Mitch Keating: 5. Zach Merrett, 4. Archie Perkins, 3. Rory Laird, 2. Nick Hind, 1. Will Snelling.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Zach Merrett, 4. Rory Laird, 3. Will Snelling, 2. Jake Stringer, 1. Paul Seedsman.
Nick Splitter: 5. Zach Merrett, 4. Nick Hind, 3. Jordan Ridley, 2. Paul Seedsman, 1. Archie Perkins.

Hawthorn 46 def by Fremantle 108

A freezing cold trip to Tassie didn't effect the Dockers as they trampled the struggling Hawks by 62 points. The disappointing loss came at a cost for Hawthorn with the improving Changkuoth Jiath going down early in the last quarter with what seems a season ending injury.

On the other end of the spectrum, it was party mode for the Dockers who were celebrating captain Nat Fyfe's 200th game in style. The champion had himself an impressive game with 31 disposals and a goal. The midfield group of Fremantle all shone highlighted by Sean Darcy dominating in the ruck, setting up the likes of David Mundy and Andrew Brayshaw to have big games of their own.

Ed Carmine: 5. Andrew Brayshaw, 4. David Mundy, 3. Sean Darcy, 2. Nat Fyfe, 1. Caleb Serong.
Mitch Keating: 5. Sean Darcy, 4. David Mundy, 3. Andrew Brayshaw, 2. Caleb Serong, 1. Nat Fyfe.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Nat Fyfe, 4. Andrew Brayshaw, 3. David Mundy, 2. Tom Mitchell, 1. Sean Darcy.
Nick Splitter: 5. Sean Darcy, 4. David Mundy, 3. Nat Fyfe, 2. Andrew Brayshaw, 1. Caleb Serong.

Carlton 44 def by Geelong 70

Poor kicking ultimately cost the Blues in what was a big opportunity to take a big scalp in the Cats. The Cats were able to keep the ball in their forward half for a majority of the contest, giving Carlton's defenders hell with 56 entries. Jacob Weitering stood tall for the Blues when others couldn't, limiting the impact of reigning Coleman Medalist Tom Hawkins. Sam Walsh also had himself an enormous game, standing tall with 36 disposals and two goals.

A great all-round team effort by the Cats was the key in the end, with Tom Stewart and Zach Tuohy highlighting an impressive defensive team down back. Shaun Higgins had his best game since moving to the Cattery with 35 touches and a goal to his name.

Ed Carmine: 5. Tom Stewart, 4. Sam Walsh, 3. Zach Tuohy, 2. Shaun Higgins, 1. Cameron Guthrie
Mitch Keating: 5. Tom Stewart, 4. Sam Walsh, 3. Shaun Higgins, 2. Zach Tuohy, 1. Jacob Weitering.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Tom Stewart, 4. Sam Walsh, 3. Zach Tuohy, 2. Shaun Higgins, 1. Sam Menegola.
Nick Splitter: 5. Tom Stewart, 4. Zach Tuohy, 3. Sam Walsh, 2. Shaun Higgins, 1. Cameron Guthrie.

Brisbane 63 def by St.Kilda 95

A brilliant game that may reinvigorate the Saints season saw St.Kilda hand Brisbane their biggest defeat for the season. Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko was the one of very little shining lights for the home side booting three goals, whilst Brownlow Medalist Lachie Neale had one of his better games for the season with 31 touches.

Giving Brownlow votes would have been easy for the umpires, with an enormous game from captain Jack Steele leading his side to their biggest win of the season. Steele ripped the Lions apart with 32 touches (91% disposal efficiency), seven tackles, six marks, nine score involvements and two goals. The best pressure game for the season saw each St.Kilda player contribute, giving their season hope as their slim finals hopes looks to be growing by the week.

Ed Carmine: 5. Jack Steele, 4. Luke Dunstan, 3. Thoma Highmore, 2. Jimmy Webster, 1. Dayne Zorko.
Mitch Keating: 5. Jack Steele, 4. Luke Dunstan, 3. Tim Membrey, 2. Dayne Zorko, 1. Zak Jones.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Jack Steele, 4. Luke Dunstan, 3. Lachie Neale, 2. Bradley Hill, 1. Dayne Zorko.
Nick Splitter: 5. Jack Steele, 4. Dayne Zorko, 3. Tim Membrey, 2. Luke Dunstan, 1. Jack Sinclair.

GWS 64 def by Gold Coast 65

Setting the tone for a Sunday full of upsets was the Suns holding on for a memorable victory over the Giants at Mars Stadium. Touk Miller once again dominated with 35 touches, 14 tackles and a couple goals, whilst Brandon Ellis erupted for 41 touches of his own.

Jacob Hopper and Josh Kelly tried their best to lift the Giants from the middle with 41 and 27 touches respectively, whilst three goals to Toby Greene proved not enough to overcome the accurate Suns.

Ed Carmine: 5. Touk Miller, 4. Brandon Ellis, 3. Jacob Hopper, 2. Chris Burgess, 1. David Swallow.
Mitch Keating: 5. Touk Miller, 4. Jacob Hopper, 3. Brandon Ellis, 2. David Swallow, 1. Chris Burgess.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Touk Miller, 4. Brandon Ellis, 3. Jacob Hopper, 2. David Swallow, 1. Harry Perryman.
Nick Splitter: 5. Touk Miller, 4. David Swallow, 3. Brandon Ellis, 2. Jacob Hopper, 1. Toby Greene.

Western Bulldogs 60 def by Sydney 79

In an emphatic win, the Swans proved to many they well and truly deserve their spot within the mix of finals, toppling the then top of the table Dogs in an exciting contest.

Losing the clearances 46-26 didn't seem to phase the young Swans, who dominated general play and managed to score from intercepts 62-23. Jordan Dawson was a standout for the Swans kicking three goals along with 26 touches, whilst Jake Lloyd and Callum Mills accumulated 33 and 31 touches each. The Swans also managed to limit the impact of the Dogs' star players, with Tom Liberatore and Lachie Hunter struggling, whilst also holding Jack Macrae to under 30 disposals for the first time this year.

Ed Carmine: 5. Jordan Dawson, 4. Callum Mills, 3. Luke Parker, 2. Tom Hickey, 1. Bailey Smith.
Mitch Keating: 5. Jordan Dawson, 4. Callum Mills, 3. Bailey Smith, 2. Tom Hickey, 1. Jack Macrae.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Callum Mills, 4. Jake Lloyd, 3. Marcus Bontempelli, 2. Jordan Dawson, 1. Bailey Smith.
Nick Splitter: 5. Jordan Dawson, 4. Luke Parker, 3. Callum Mills, 2. Bailey Smith, 1, Caleb Daniel.

Richmond 71 def by Collingwood 87

The fourth quarter has been enormous for Collingwood the past couple of weeks, kicking 5.6-0.2 against the Saints and 7.2-1.2 leading them to a stunning win over the Tigers.

Caretaker coach Robert Harvey has given his side license to play freely, playing a fast paced style of play that left Richmond in their dust in the fourth quarter. Led by Taylor Adams with 31 touches, 10 tackles and a goal, Collingwood was able to hand the Tigers their fourth loss in a row, dropping them to 12th on the ladder.

Ed Carmine: 5. Taylor Adams, 4. Jack Crisp, 3. Jordan De Goey, 2. Jamie Elliott, 1. Brayden Maynard.
Mitch Keating: 5. Taylor Adams, 4. Brodie Grundy, 3. Shai Bolton, 2. Jamie Elliott, 1. Jack Crisp.
Ed Lemmo: 5. Jack Crisp, 4. Taylor Adams, 3. Jordan De Goey, 2. Shai Bolton, 1. Jamie Elliott.
Nick Splitter: 5. Taylor Adams, 4. Jamie Elliott, 3. Jack Crisp, 2. Dylan Grimes, 1. Brodie Grundy.

West Coast 60 def by North Melbourne 70

It was a stunning performance from the Kangaroos out West, with recruit Jaidyn Stephenson leading the way for the Shinboners to nab their third win of the season.

The Eagles' finals hopes have copped another chink to their armour, with the nest now looking less and less threatening for traveling sides.

Ed Carmine: 5. J Stephenson, 4. B Cunnington, 3. J Simpkin, 2. J Ziebell, 1. J Walker
Mitch Keating: 5. J Stephenson, 4. B Cunnington, 3. J Simpkin, 2. T Kelly, 1. L Davies-Uniacke
Ed Lemmo: 5. J Stephenson, 4. B Cunnington, 3. J Simpkin, 2. L Davies-Uniacke, 1. T Thomas
Nick Splitter: 5. J Stephenson, 4. B Cunnington, 3. T Goldstein, 2. T Kelly, 1. N Naitanui