New rules were trialled in Saturday’s VFL clash between Coburg and Werribee at Piranha Park, with onlookers claiming it had little influence on the game.

The new regulations included the 6-6-6 centre bounce formation and an extended 18-meter goal square.

The AFL was happy with the trial as footy boss Steve Hocking and CEO Gillon McLachlan watched on from the sidelines in Coburg.

AFL game analysis official and former premiership Cat James Podsiadly said it provided an ideal platform to assess the proposed new rules.

“I thought the distribution of players looked a little different, so we’ll just analyse that,” Podsiadly told

“From our end, having a look at the goal square and the 6-6-6 the distribution of players did change for a moment in time and then it gets washed out pretty quickly and the strategy happens from there.”

It made for a more traditional Australian rules contest, with players on opposing sides of the field not running into the centre square during ball ups which gave midfielders more space to operate in.

“Individually the 6-6-6 allowed the midfielders a bit more time and space and I think tactically the coaches didn’t send the forwards in as hard as what you would see at AFL level,” Podsiadly said.

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Despite the changes, Coburg was till able to throw a number back into defence when required to combat Werribee’s charge, a strategy that the AFL did not want to erase from the game.

The AFL will now conduct a survey to both VFL teams to gain more information about how the new rules were received.