MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 25: Adam Treloar of the Magpies kicks the ball during the 2018 AFL round five ANZAC Day match between the Collingwood Magpies and the Essendon Bombers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 25, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

These days, it’s often the hi-tech gadgets and machines that surprises sports fans when talking about any athlete’s recovery. However, young Pies star Adam Treloar has come up with a way to surprise fans without any fancy new gear.

Treloar has been using an almost six-year-old frozen bag of peas and corn to nurse the injuries picked up throughout his games.

“I’ve got this bag of ice. Well, it’s not a bag of ice, it’s a bag of peas and corn. I swear I’ve had it for almost six years,” Treloar told the Sports Galore podcast.

“You can’t even tell what type of peas and corn it was, because there’s no branding on it (anymore). It’s white and there are holes in it so sometimes some peas and corn come out.

“Griffin, my dog, comes along and eats them. It hasn’t failed me yet, so I’m not going to change it anytime soon.”

Given that he’s played in over 130 games in under six years, it’s safe to say the mixed bag of peas and corns is a reliable trick.