Wayne Carey took to Talking Footy to give his opinion on what the Blues need to do with their number 1 pick in order to become a better team.

Immediately, when you hear trade the number one pick you suspect they will be trading for a superstar such as Andrew Gaff or Rory Sloane, although Carey doesn’t believe that’s the way to go.

The ‘Duck’ suggests the Blues spark talks with teams who have a lot of depth, he gave Richmond and Melbourne as examples, and receive a package of players who haven’t been given an opportunity in such a stacked team.

A suggestion that Carey’s co-hosts didn’t immediately agree with.

“You would trade the number one pick for VFL players?” Cameron Ling asked.

Carey seemed to have it all thought out as he questioned the impact an 18-year-old could have on such an inexperienced club like Carlton.

“Look at Cam Rayner at Brisbane, number one pick… How much of a difference has he made to Brisbane this year?”

Carey, although providing valid arguments, struggled to convince his co-hosts with Ling and Brian Taylor speaking about how an AFL-ready player like Sam Walsh could come in and immediately impact the team.

“The number one’s are littered down the line that have not come in and had a big impact”, Carey continued to go back to how risky a number one pick could be, especially in a team without a set structure.

To help his co-hosts understand, Carey brought up Jacob Weitering’s situation. A player who should be coming in as an intercept marker helping the team’s number one defensive option.

Due to Carlton’s recent struggles, “he’s playing in a defence that doesn’t know what it’s doing… if you put him in a good team, we’d all be raving about Jacob Weitering right now.”

Probably an unpopular opinion, but Carey did provide strong arguments to back his claim. Based on Carlton’s poor results from recent draft picks, they may need to look at another source to bring in and develop players.

The Blues have only won one game out of 15 they’ve played this season and take on the Saints this Friday night.