With the conclusion of the trade period just a week ago, we've taken a look at the players that may have flown under the radar and will have a larger impact on their new team than most might expect.

From time to time, we see a player move to a new club and thrive under the conditions of their new environment. The opportunity to try out a new role, playstyle, and chemistry at their new home has often meant for several players that they can play more freely.

With that, we have named our top five players from the trade period who may go to new levels or help their sides reach new heights.

2. Matt Flynn

Signed with the Eagles as an unrestricted free agent from GWS.

With the Eagles rebuilding with a young side, one thing that they can tick off the list is a senior ruckman. While he has yet to fully show off his skill with limited games at GWS, at the Eagles that will change for Flynn.

Since most of the Eagles' senior side is still developing, not a lot of them have the ability to out-muscle their opponent at the marking contest or in the ruck. Flynn brings that strength and will be a reliant source of a contested mark when moving out of defence.

His arrival will also allow West Coast ruckman Bailey Williams the freedom to play as a forward target while still pinch-hitting in the ruck.