26 June 1999: Wayne Carey , number 18 for the Kangaroos and team mate Anthony Stevens, number 29 ( right) leave the ground after the AFL round 13 game between the Kangaroos and Carlton played at the M.C.G. Melbourne,Victoria,Australia. The Kangaroos defeated Carlton. Mandatory Credit: Stuart Milligan/ALLSPORT

10. North Melbourne 2017 pre-season

There were brutal scenes down at Arden Street during the 2017 pre-season, with Brayden Preuss, a rugby league convert, spear tackling Andrew Swallow during an intra-club match, invoking a heated wrestle on the ground.

During the same session, Luke McDonald’s overzealous spoil hit Lindsay Thomas on the back of the head, which led to their own scuffle and a war of words as the pair went at it all match.

It was McDonald’s second domestic in the past month, having fiercly tangled with Shaun Higgins at an earlier training session.

“He’s (McDonald) competitive — that’s his biggest trait and that’s why he got drafted where he did. That’s what we love about him,” Swallow told reporters post-game.

Brad Scott was sure making a mark on this team.

(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)


  1. Whilst the Carey / Stevens situation was ugly and involved the AFL’s highest profile player it occurred in the off-season and the 2 never played for the same team again so it was hardly a long running feud within the confines of the club. i’m surprised you never included the likes of Andrew McLeod / Tyson Edwards and Gary / Steven Hocking. Both combinations played 200+ games in the same team and rarely spoke to each other and had major personal disagreements with each other.

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