Sydney Swans AFLW Senior Coach Scott Gowans, 2022 (Source: Swans Media)

Sydney Swans AFLW coach Scott Gowans says he is disappointed with the AFL's costly goal-umpiring decision in the side's narrow four-point loss to Essendon.

The incident took place during the third quarter when Molly Eastman's goal was controversially awarded a behind when the ball had clearly gone through for full points.

According to AFLW Media reporter Gemma Bastiani, Gowans says he has moved on from the decision and is looking forward to the side's final two games of its inaugural season against Fremantle and Geelong.

"I think it's good though we highlight things that aren't right, and we're disappointed obviously with the decision. But there's lots of other little moments in games and the AFL apologised and I think that's it, you just sort of shake your head and move on," Gowans said.

Yesterday, the Swans contacted the AFL about getting clarification as to why the decision wasn't reviewed.

Footage recorded by CODE Sports writer Daniel Cherny clearly shows Eastman's shot going straight through the middle, only for the goal umpire to award a point.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sydney's General Manager of AFLW Kate Mahoney says the League has owned up to its error.

"We contacted the AFL after the match and they acknowledged the mistake via email," Mahoney said.

"The players were shattered after the match and whilst we will never know what the outcome (would have been) if the goal had been awarded, it's disappointing to have to wear a decision like that in an elite football match."

Currently, the AFLW doesn't have an ARC (AFL Review Centre) to look at crucial mistakes unlike the AFL making decisions at this level costly when it comes to close games.