GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND - APRIL 07: Jaeger O'Meara handballs during a Gold Coast Suns AFL training session at Metricon Stadium on April 7, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Suns chairman slams Hawks

Gold Coast chairman Tony Cochrane has confirmed the club has rejected the Hawks’ latest offer for Jaeger O’Meara, while also slamming Hawthorn’s treatment of the young star.

Cochrane says the Suns have rejected Hawthorn’s offer of picks 10 and 48 for O’Meara and said the club would not yield to the three-time reigning premiers.

“It’s really not at anywhere exciting, I regret to say, after a lot of posturing by Hawthorn over the last month about how exciting this young player is and what they were hoping to do and attract him across to their club the best they could come up as compensation is pick 10 and pick 48 which putting us to one side just for O’Meara’s point of view it’s a pretty low-ball offer for an exciting young star.,” Cochrane said.

“He is a quality player. He has had some injury problems but they are not part of this equation because we put a significant offer on the table to retain this young man because he’s a quality bloke, as well a quality footballer.

“From our point of view, we expect to be properly compensated and so far we haven’t been so we move on.”

Cochrane said the club is even prepared to let O’Meara slip through to the pre-season draft if Hawthorn does not improve its offer.

“The one thing about me is I’m incredibly consistent and I’m a man of my word. If we aren’t properly compensated, he’ll go to draft,” he said.

“If we were ever going to make a stand, this is a great year to do it.

“Unfortunately for Hawthorn they picked an appalling year to challenge us with someone like O’Meara”

“We are really overloaded with great draft picks this year so if we are ever going to make a stand this was a great year in that regard.”

The Gold Coast chairman also whacked Hawthorn’s treatment of O’Meara since he requested a move to the club.

“If they were to walk away here, what a disgraceful way to treat Jaeger O’Meara. They have promised this bloke the world but they’re going to hand him an atlas,” Cochrane said.

“They have talked the big game here, and they have talked it up publicly for six or so weeks.”