Hawthorn coach Sam Mitchell couldn't help but enjoy the euphoria of Dusty's moment, setting sail from outside 50 and nailing the first of his 300th, reflecting post-game about how "the whole MCG stood up at once"

"There was something beautiful about it," Mitchell conceded in his post-match presser, relishing his view of the moment from the coaches box.

"(I Said to) the players; 'did you actually enjoy it?'... one of the forwards said 'yeah, of course'."

Choosing not to hide from the occasion, but inversely embrace it, the Hawthorn coach confessed that the occasion obviously part of the team's discussion during the week.

It set a challenge for his group to savour the grandiosity of the event, playing the villain in a finals-like atmosphere that could easily engulf a young group like Hawthorn.

"It was a strange game to prepare for... we obviously spoke extensively about the event," Mitchell revealed.

"We had no choice but to play our role in it... our role was the villain.

"We said (during the week) 'at some point he'll probably kick a goal'.

"I was wrapped with the way we handled that moment... it could have easily pulled us apart."

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 26: Hawks head coach Sam Mitchell speaks to players at three quarter time during the round two AFL match between Sydney Swans and Hawthorn Hawks at Sydney Cricket Ground, on March 26, 2023, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/AFL Photos/Getty Images)

His side couldn't have handled the moment much better, controlling essentially all facets of the game after Martin's goal, notably spring-boarding off half-back through the like of James Sicily, Josh Weddle and Jack Scrimshaw all evening.

Mitchell did some fault in their efficiency from centre clearance, but was able to acknowledge the form his side is in, even sharing his irritation of their momentum being hindered by the upcoming bye.

"I remember when the fixture came out I thought having the last bye was a bit of a challenge. 14 games in a row," he pondered.

"If I'm honest I'm disappointed we've got the bye now, because we've got a bit of momentum".

The Hawks sit tied for eighth spot on the ladder, rising to 7-7 after opening their campaign 0-5.

Finals are well and truly on the agenda, at least from the media's point of view. When poked by reporters on the idea however, Mitchell played a straight bat.

"One week at a time," he said cheekily.

"Every time someone asks me about finals, it'll be 'one week at a time'."