MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 24: Jobe Watson of the Bombers poses with the Brownlow Medal during the 2012 Brownlow Medal at Crown Palladium on September 24, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Simon Black: I wouldn’t want 2012 Brownlow Medal

Former Brownlow Medalist and three-time premiership player Simon Black says he would not want the 2012 medal if he were Trent Cotchin or Sam Mitchell.

Jobe Watson last week decided to hand the medal back the AFL, leaving the Commission with the task of deciding whether or not hand 2012 Brownlow to runners-up Trent Cotchin and Sam Mitchell, or simply leave the award for that year as invalid.

Speaking on SEN Radio on Tuesday morning, former winner Black, said he doubts he would want the medal.

“I think it would be awkward, it’s probably a little bit strange,” Black said.

“I’m not sure I’d really want it to be honest just because of the unusual nature of it.

“So very, very awkward I would have thought.

“Obviously you’d accept it and be thrilled, it’s a lovely feather in your cap for your career, but I guess it’s just a little bit unusual this one – but I guess you’d have to accept it.

“I’m probably more let’s just leave it, leave it as an asterisk.

“I mean I feel so much for Jobe and all the Essendon players, but I think it is one where for the year I’d probably more so rather leave it and let it be.”

Black also said he believed Watson was still deserving of the award.

“I guess probably deep down he knows he’s good enough and he should be a Brownlow Medallist, I’d like to think he does think that way,” he said.

“I’d like to think the rest of us think that way as well.

“Just the character of the guy to do what he’s done has probably made him more admirable than any Brownlow Medallist, it’s been a super thing to do and I’ve got nothing but respect for him.

“I hope he has a really good year this season and he’s going to be really well liked for a long time I would have thought.”

The AFL Commission will meet on Tuesday afternoon to decide the outcome of the award.