While there were some contentious umpiring decisions once again, Brad Scott said it was his team’s undisciplined errors that lost yesterday’s inaugural Good Friday match.

Despite leading by 29 points early in the third quarter, the Roos once again failed to close out the match, with the Bulldogs reeling in the deficit and eventually walking out with a thrilling three-point win.

North’s Lindsay Thomas has a shot a on the run from 50 metres out on the siren, but failed to convert.

Scott said despite yet another narrow loss, he will not dwell on his side’s poor fortunes, but instead on the areas for improvement, of which there are many.

“We could sit here and say, ‘Oh gee, we were unlucky’ but that wouldn’t be the case,” Scott said.

“We didn’t capitalise on our dominance in parts of the game and we gave up too many easy goals at crucial times when the flow of the game was going our way.

“So we’ve got to make sure that while we’re disappointed we don’t feel sorry for ourselves and label ourselves as unlucky.

“I thought the hunger and fight was fantastic. I thought they really had a lot of belief that we could get over the line and that’s really promising.

“But if we were sitting here in victory because that last kick was straight, there’s still some things (that need addressing) – rookie errors made by a bit of a rookie team.

“So we’ve got to spend some time fixing that but, again, if the framework and the fundamentals weren’t there then we would be really concerned, but really it’s a few rookie errors and some general polish that hurt us.”

However, despite the 0-4 start to the season, Scott said he has been pleased with the endeavour shown by his group, which was written off by most experts at the beginning of the year.

“The challenge is for us to keep ourselves together and not drop our bundle, and hopefully all our fans can see what we’re doing when they see a genuinely competitive effort each week,” he said.