Sam Newman

Colourful AFL identity Sam Newman and sport journalist Tony Jones may have had a ‘blow up’ behind the scenes of last week’s AFL Footy Show, according to former Essendon captain Tim Watson.

Watson believes Newman and Jones disagreed on a particular piece of footage being shown so Newman sat silently for the rest for the program.

“I don’t know whether anybody watched The Footy Show last week or not, but apparently Sam staged another silent sit in for the last half of the program,” Watson said on SEN Breakfast.

“Because he was denied the opportunity to show some vision that he wanted to show during the show.

“Then sat there quite unhappy about the situation for the rest of the program.

“Then he and Tony Jones might have had a bit of a blow up.”

Channel Nine’s The Footy Show has faced a lot of criticism over the last few years and its ratings have been on a consistent decline with Channel Seven’s The Front Bar taking over a large portion of their audience.

“Well according to someone here, but apparently The Footy Show ratings last week were down to 111,000,” Watson said.

“111,000 that is seriously low.”