MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 05: Glenn Archer of the Kangaroos in action during a Kangaroos training session held at Arden Street April 5, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

North Melbourne legend Glenn Archer has labelled Caroline Wilson’s comments on the possibility of the Kangaroos being relocated to Tasmania as “really insensitive” and like “a hand grenade”.

Archer comments come after Wilson held firm in her stance that she was just reporting on the facts after former North Melbourne president James Brayshaw called her story “baseless garbage”.

“Her comments a couple of days ago were really insensitive, people are going through a really tragic time at the moment,” Archer told Sportsday WA.

“80 per cent of club staff have been stood down, people have got nothing to watch and to throw a hand grenade like that… I understand that people don’t have much to talk about at the moment but it was insensitive and uninformed.

“I’m actually friends with Caro,” Archer said. “I worked with her on Footy Classified for 12 months and got along with her really well.

“The way she throws in ‘club presidents and guys at AFL House said something’, I just find that complete untrue.

“She’s still using the old ‘a source told me’ but I think she’s just making it up.”

Wilson shared her report on Monday night’s Footy Classified before a rush of denial emerged from North Melbourne identities, among them Brayshaw.

“It is blinkered and it’s complete and utter balderdash to say that an issue I have with James Brayshaw is why I would report something that I’m hearing from the clubs on Footy Classified,” she said on Wednesday night’s Footy Classified .

“Do not ever accuse me of going for clickbait. It is so stupid to point the finger at the media every time there is a negative story at the moment.

“It’s good to see the world’s nastiest boys club has been reconnected again over such a inconsequential comment that I made, which was not my personal view, but it was stuff that I was reporting, that I was hearing from clubs and even people at certain levels of the AFL.”

Speaking earlier on Wednesday on 3AW’S Sportsday, Wilson had suggested that Tasmania didn’t want North Melbourne in the long-term.

“It’s the usual suspects Gerard, some of them bullies.” Wilson had said.

“I’m absolutely fine with people defending North Melbourne, but all I was saying on Monday night was that everything I’m told from certain club presidents and certain AFL people, everything is on the table.

“There are no sacred cows, and if you ask clubs and people at the AFL about a few scenarios, obviously there’s a range, but a repeated comment probably from three clubs and also coming out of AFL, not Gillon McLachlan or Richard Goyder, is that there’s still a view that North Melbourne should’ve relocated.

“And that if you were going to have a Tasmanian team now it would definitely be North Melbourne and that would solve a lot of the AFL’s problems.

“I agree with what you say about Tasmania, they don’t like North Melbourne… they see them as a fly-in, fly-out club… the Kangaroos, to be brutal, for many years—let’s face it—have been ‘The Travelling Kangaroos’, but that was just the view that was coming from clubs.

“There is resentment still that North didn’t go to the Gold Coast and you look at all the problems the Gold Coast have had… but I absolutely agree that [Tasmania] don’t want North Melbourne, that doesn’t mean that it would not be an expedient solution for the AFL.”