BRISBANE, QSL - MAY 28: Michael Voss of the Lions clashes with Fremantle players during the round 9 AFL match between the Brisbane Lions and Fremantle at the Gabba on May 28, 2006 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jonathan Wood/Getty Images)

Brisbane legend Michael Voss has recounted one of his famous sledges on last week’s episode of The Front Bar.

In a game between the Lions and Geelong in the early 2000s, everything was going Brisbane’s way at the time, and the Cats were in the early stages of growing into a powerhouse in the late 2000s.

In the Geelong midfield was a young Shannon Byrnes, who was arguably the smallest player on the field.

Voss saw it as an opportunity to sledge Byrnes, and he did so in classic fashion.

“I did stop a game and accuse him [Byrnes] of being an Auskicker on the field,” Voss said.

The Front Bar’s Mick Molloy couldn’t believe the sledge, and needed Voss to confirm it was true.

“After half time, you said ‘stop the game, stop the game, there’s still an Auskicker on the field,'” Molloy asked, before Voss nodded in agreement.

“The amazing thing about that is the umpire stopped the game, so he clearly was concerned for his welfare also!”

In our opinion, it’s second to Voss’ best sledge and one of our all-time favourites, when Voss tried to put off his brother Brett while he was lining up for goal for St Kilda against the Lions.

Voss told his brother, My Dad f***ed your Mum last night”, what a classic!