MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 03: Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw, Billy Brownless and Shane Crawford arrive at the 57th Annual Logie Awards at Crown Palladium on May 3, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

The Age has reported that Bill Brownless has been telling close friends that he is fearful that Garrry Lyon’s relationship with his ex-wife, Nicky, may have been going on for three to four years.

Brownless’ marriage with his wife broke down last year and he revealed in an interview on Fox Footy’s Open Mike that he was shocked by the split.

“I didn’t see it coming, so that hurt,” he told Mike Sheehan.

“And I took a while to get over it. But you’ve got to get back up because that’s what I do, you’ve got to be up and bubbly. We all get down but it’s about getting back on the bike.”

Lyon has taken indefinite leave from all media commitments  as he battles depression.


  1. Anyone that should have a mental problem is Billy if this had been going on that long yet he is not using mental illness as a excuse he just gutted what his so call mate has done to his kids and family plus Lyons wife must be just as gutted another close friendship stuffed because of Lyons.

  2. If this affair has been going on for 3 or 4 years you would imagine gazza certainly has a mental illness bought on by guilt Imagine seeing your mate every day and all the while you re shagging his wife E nough to bring on mental illness for any one Move on Bill once the trust is broken theres no going back!!!!

  3. This is the same as the Carey incident. Everyone blamed Wayne and completely forget that it takes two to tango. Kelli didn’t seem to get any criticism. Same here. Yes, Garry did the wrong thing but so too did Nicki. I just hope the kids – both Lyon & Brownless – are ok.

  4. Takes 2 to tango. Getting tired of hearing about the unfaithful mate. I think the females contribution, with kids involved, is far worse. You lay with dogs you come up with fleas.

  5. Depression what a piss poor excuse, Lyon is feeling guilt and would probably want to neck him self and so he should. Jeff Kennet is great at putting up a wall of shit that people can not see through as to say that Lyon approached him about his depression prior to this being public knowledge. Gary is suffering from POST ASSHOLE DEPRESSION/GUILT and illicit drug problems.

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