With the regular season finished and the finals in full swing, the Brownlow is fast approaching.

Instead of the usual Brownlow predictor, Twitter user azzajewell decided to do a Supercoach Brownlow to celebrate the amazing individual Supercoach performances throughout the year.

The count was done with the top three Supercoach scores from each home and away game being awarded 3-2-1 votes respectively.

Collaborating the results and the top players from the count, here's how it all panned out.

8. Ollie Wines [20 Supercoach votes]

Wines has been a beast this year, averaging a career-high 32.1 disposals per game for the Power and an average of 112.5 Supercoach points on the season.

A definite Brownlow Medal fancy, the Port star polled the perfect three Supercoach votes in four games this season, with high scores of 143, 139, 154 and 161. Also, a worthy winner of the Zero Hanger MVP Award.

8. Sean Darcy [20 Supercoach votes]

Darcy has been one of the most improved players in the competition and has established himself as one of the premier ruckman in the game.

The Dockers big man averaged a career-high 16.6 disposals per game to go along with 28.5 hit-outs and 118 Supercoach points for each outing.

Polled the three Supercoach points on six occasions during the season, including massive scores of 193, 183, 156 and 150. Ruckman historically don't poll greatly on Brownlow night, but a strong finish here.

8. Clayton Oliver [20 Supercoach votes]

The Demons superstar has enjoyed a career-best season, averaging a career-high 31.6 disposals and 123.5 Supercoach points per game.

Expected to poll well come Brownlow night due to his impact on games with his contested ball-winning abilities and moving forward to kick goals.

Polled the perfect three Supercoach points in three matches this season with impressive scores of 140, 204 and 166. Managed to poll in eight other games highlighting his consistency across the season.

8. Marcus Bontempelli [20 Supercoach votes]

The 'Bont' is arguably the favourite to take home 'Charlie', and it's no surprise why given his elite skills and ability to play as a midfielder who can move forward and convert inside 50.

Averaged a career-high 27.1 disposals and a goal per game to go along with 119.7 Supercoach points. Polled the perfect three Supercoach points in five games this season including scores of 145, 159, 149, 143 and 156. Expect him to poll strongly on Brownlow night.

8. Sam Walsh [20 Supercoach votes]

The Blues midfielder has elevated himself into elite status in 2021. Averaged a career-high 29.8 disposals per game to go along with 117 Supercoach points on average.

An exciting player to watch and is a dark horse to take 'Charlie' home. Polled three Supercoach votes on four occasions with scores of 144, 130, 158 and 193, whilst polling in five other games.

6. Max Gawn [21 Supercoach votes]

Gawn continues to be the dominant ruckman in the league, averaging a career-high 18.4 disposals per game, to go along with 32.3 hit-outs and 120.8 Supercoach points per game.

Polled a perfect three Supercoach votes on five occasions during the season with scores of 137, 163, 172, 138 and 100. Unfortunately, ruckman don't poll that well at the Brownlow so it will be unlikely that Gawn takes out the top prize.

6. Darcy Parish [21 Supercoach votes]

Parish has become a star midfielder and elite ball-winner for the Bombers in 2021, taking his averages from 19.4 disposals in 2020 to 30.5 disposals in 2021.

Averaged 114.1 Supercoach points per game, and had some massive games that will see him poll well at certain points throughout the season.

With Supercoach scores of 162, 152, 166, and 190, expect Parish to be a smokey to take home the Brownlow.

5. Brodie Grundy [24 Supercoach votes]

Grundy continues to be a consistent Supercoach scorer, with his elite ball-winning ability and hit-out dominance aiding the Magpies throughout every game.

This has seen him average 19.1 disposals and 32.4 hit-outs per game to go along with 115.2 Supercoach points. Attained the perfect three Supercoach votes in four games this season with scores of 135, 162, 144 and 135.

Like Darcy and Gawn, Grundy may poll well but not enough to trouble the star midfielders of the competition when it comes to the Brownlow.

4. Tom Mitchell [25 Supercoach votes]

The 2018 Brownlow medalist certainly knows how to poll well come Brownlow night. Whilst not one of the favourites this year, Mitchell can't be counted out due to his ability to rack up impressive amounts of possessions.

Averaged 34.3 disposals and 117.2 Supercoach points per game, and it's crazy how those aren't career-highs for him. Polled the three Supercoach votes on seven occasions with scores of 135, 147, 142, 134, 171, 150 and 117. An impressive scorer who could place higher in the Brownlow than most think he will.

3. Touk Miller [28 Supercoach votes]

The Suns' star midfielder has had an amazing season on a team that has struggled throughout. Unfortunately, he is ineligible due to suspension but he should poll very well, as not many of his teammates will take votes off him.

Averaged a career-high 31.8 disposals and 7.1 tackles per game to go along with an impressive 124.5 Supercoach points per game. Polled the three votes on seven occasions with scores of 131, 146, 133, 153, 153, 143 and 155. A scoring machine, it's a pity that he's ineligible as he may well poll the most votes.

2. Jack Steele [29 Supercoach votes]

The dazzling Saints midfielder had a standout year, averaging a career-high 29.1 disposals and 8.4 tackles per game with an impressive average of 126 Supercoach points.

Steele is a beast in the midfield and is a huge chance to take 'Charlie' home, even in a disappointing year for the Saints.

Started off the year slow, but came home better than anyone, polling in nine of the last 12 rounds with six of those being three-vote games with scores of 154, 132, 154, 149, 155 and 100. If he's within striking distance in the last few rounds, expect him to win.

1. Jack Macrae [34 Supercoach votes] 

Macrae is the definition of consistent, constantly racking up over 30 disposals per game and using it well. Averaged 34.1 disposals and 128.6 Supercoach points per game, scoring the most Supercoach points for the season which subsequently gave him the award of Supercoach Brownlow.

Polled the three votes in eight games this season with scores of 140, 145, 138, 124, 146, 131, 154 and 136. Not expected to poll as well as his teammate Marcus Bontempelli, but don't count him out.

Here's a look at the final standings, thanks to azzajewell: