Mallala has beaten Hamley Bridge by an incredible 415 points on the weekend in the Adelaide Plains Football League! But it was just the latest in a string of simply astonishing results for poor old Hamley Bridge.

Mallala scored 66.27 423 to Hamley Bridge’s 1.2 8.

Mallala had 14 goal kickers, with B Montgomery top scoring with 21 goals and B Harris kicking 12 goals. Remarkably, Montgomery was incredibly stiff, as he missed out on being awarded the man of the match.

Hamley Bridge’s only goal scorer, Z Scubert, was also very unlucky to not get a mention in his team’s best players.

It has been a disastrous season for the Hamley Bridge Bombers, who currently sit last on the ladder of the A Grade Adelaide Plains Football League competition.

They have 15 losses from 15 games this season and have conceded 4,165 points and only scored a total 107 points.

Their scoreline of 1.2 8 was an improvement though, with the Bombers failing to score a goal in their past three matches.

Their previous four matches have seen defeats of 364 points, 237 points, 283 points and 173 points.

They have an average losing margin of 270 points per game and have failed to even register a score in two of their last four matches.

Hamley Bridge have only managed to score more than one goal in a match twice this season. Let’s hope they have a big post season trip planned, as they no doubt need some cheer.

Have you ever seen a bigger local footy defeat?

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