North Heidelberg's Brent Harvey playing in the Northern Football League in 2017 (Picture: Christopher Chan)

Former North Melbourne star and AFL games record holder Brent Harvey has been cleared of any wrongdoing after an incident at half time of the Northern Football League match between North Heidelberg and Greensborough on Saturday.

Harvey was involved in an incident with Greensborough’s Tynan Smith, and was accused of spitting, but the NFL told the Herald Sun on Monday video evidence backed up the original claim of no match-day report.

Greensborough has the power to take the incident further if they lodge an official complaint, although it is believed the Boro will look to move past the incident and focus on their season.

Along with the vision, an umpire on the ground also saw the incident, but saw no reason to report Harvey.

The North Melbourne superstar played 432 games for the Roos before joining his brother Shane at North Heidelberg.