Former Saints forward Justin Koschitzke is likely to return to St Kilda to advocate for the new Danny Frawley Centre for Health & Wellbeing, per The Herald Sun.

Nearly $16 million in grants have been allocated to the club by Federal and State Governments to form an extension of RSEA Park to help assist existing players and the community in honour of Danny Frawley.

St Kilda head of football program David Rath is currently eager to bring back old players, including Koschitzke, in order to extend the conversation about mental health.

Koschitzke played 200 games and kicked 247 goals throughout his career for St Kilda, spanning from 2001-2013

Koschitzke, as recently as last year, opened up on AFLPA’s Courageous Conversations series about his fight against self-esteem issues and anxiety.

"Certainly for me, under the surface, there was a lot of other things bubbling away that made it really scary, lonely, isolating place to be at times,” Koschitzke said.

The 38-year-old also opened up about past concussions he suffered as well as the impact returning too soon may have caused.

The venue will be diverse, providing a dedicated spot for sport, mental health, rehabilitation, community and wellbeing.

Classrooms, consultation rooms and break areas will also be provided within the facility.

Anita Frawley explained to the AFL her gratitude to all the people who could make the centre happen and how much Danny would have supported it.

"Danny so often spoke about coming from a generation where manning up was to suffer in silence. He knew that wasn't the way forward," she said.

"Manning up now is to put your hand up and say you need help, no matter your age, gender or background. To have a facility named in his honour that will help so many people do just that means the world to us.

"I would like to thank the incredible hard work of Matt Finnis, Andrew Bassat and the St Kilda Football Club for getting this project off the ground.

"And of course, we are so grateful to the Federal and Victorian Governments for understanding the importance of the centre for our club and our community."

The centre will be available to the public by the end of next year.