Adelaide are heading towards a rebuild that will see the club start from just about rock bottom.

The Crows have already been informed that midfielder Rory Atkins likely won't be at the club next year as he explores free agency and there are questions over what other senior players will join him.

Former Adelaide assistant coach Scott Camporeale spoke about what he thinks the Crows need to do to begin their rebuild the right way.

Camporeale believes the Crows should consider trading free agent Kyle Hartigan and delist at least four players this off-season.

“I think Kyle’s one who has potentially got some value where they can move a key defender on. With McAsey coming in and Butts coming through as a key defender as well, they’ve also got Daniel Talia for another 12 months,” Camporeale said on ABC Grandstand.

“Hartigan’s the one, he played really well against (Tom) Hawkins and still has some value.

“I think he’s looking for a two or three-year deal at his age, if you talk about in the (premiership) window, he’s 28, his body hasn’t really been sound for two years, do they just go ‘let’s see if we get some value and clear some cap space moving forward’.”

Camporeale said he would move on Riley Knight, David Mackay, Patrick Wilson and Jordan Galluci.

Former skipper Taylor Walker has struggled for form for the best part of two years now and could also be on the chopping block.

Fox Footy expert Leigh Montagna believes 'Tex' still has some good footy left in him.

“I still think Tex Walker has got a year or two of good footy left in him. I just think he’s been left playing a role that doesn’t suit his style of football,” he said.

“He for me is the perfect third tall forward, he’s that lead up half forward flank who’s a beautiful user, can set up goals. I still think he has a role to play at another club.

“The two clubs that jump to my mind at this point are Brisbane and the Gold Coast Suns. I think someone like Gold Coast, who have already got Ben King who we know is going to be a star. They’ve been using Sam Day who’s been really good this year. Maybe Tex Walker with his leadership and experience, something a bit different as an avenue to goal.

“Or Brisbane Lions if they’re trying to win that flag with the two young key forwards they’ve got.”