MOE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 4: Moana Hope of the Magpies looks dejected after a loss during the 2018 AFLW Round 05 match between the Collingwood Magpies and the Western Bulldogs at Ted Summerton Reserve on March 4, 2018 in Moe, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Former Collingwood and North Melbourne AFLW star Moana Hope has opened up on some of the shocking homophobic slurs she received during her playing days.

The forward said she and her wife Isabella Carlstrom were also targeted with sexual gibes on the street.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, Hope recounted the horrifying abuse she copped during a trip to Perth in round two of the 2017 season while playing for the Magpies.

“It was a close game and there was this guy behind the goals who called me a stupid dyke,’’ she said.

“I don’t normally hear the crowd because I’m so drawn in on the game, but when I heard that I was blown away.

“And I was hurt and a little bit scared to be honest because I thought, ‘why are you calling me that, I’m a person’.

“And why are you using such a negative term. The game ended and I was a little bit scared, hesitant, to walk off the field because I was worried he’d be there to abuse me.

“He was there to harass me before the game and that was his No.1 aim.”

The 32-year old said she’s “lost count” with the amount of times her and Carlstrom have been victimised in public for their sexual orientation.

The two got married in August last year, and Hope says the abuse wasn’t just verbal.

“The amount of times we’ve been sexually victimised because of our sexual orientation, I’ve lost count,’’ she said.

“I’ve had things said to us like, ‘one night with me will make you realise you need a man in your life’.

“I’ve been there when guys have grabbed Bella’s arse and said ‘you need an actual man’. Those things happen all the time.

“We walk down the street and get looked up and down and I’ve just had enough.

“It’s really crap where we’re at as a society.”

Sadly, the taunts don’t stop there. Hope recalled the last time she’d been to an AFL match – a round two clash between Collingwood and Richmond in 2017.

In this instance, Tigers star Dustin Martin was the victim of nasty insults from the crowd.

“I was supporting Collingwood and it was a cracking game with Dusty (Martin) killing it as he does,” she said.

“I was there with Belle and there was a guy with his mate in the crowd, kids all around him, and Dusty kicked this freak goal over his head and this guy stands up and starts yelling that he’s a faggot and all these other unnecessary things, but the No.1 go-to for him and his mate was to call him a faggot.

“You could see the kids around them, questioning and looking at him and even laughing. That is never acceptable.

“I got embarrassed about being there and we left and I said ‘I can’t do that’, because I got anxiety they were using those words.”