AFL journalists Sam McClure and Caroline Wilson went head-to-head on Channel Nine's Footy Classified on Monday night over whether the reaction to Geelong skipper Joel Selwood's TikTok video of him using his wife as a mop was warranted.

The video, which shows Selwood and wife Brit both laughing, has been deleted from his account due to the backlash.

McClure expressed his disbelief in the outrage, while Wilson stating that while she wasn't "grossly offended", she didn't find the video funny and stated it was unnecessary.

"A lot of people were very offended by what happened. Look, I'm not grossly offended by what happened, but I looked at it and my pub test went, 'Nah', Wilson said.

"I'm not outraged, but I looked at it and went, 'Oh Joel, you're the Geelong captain'. It's pretty stupid"

McClure saw the lighter side of the video and could not believe the outrage.

"I couldn't believe when I woke up this morning to see newspaper articles and online articles saying that Joel Selwood had apparently created a furore", McClure said.

"I just think in a world where we all like to get outraged. Caro, if we've got problems with that, we've gone way too far.""

Fellow Footy Classified panelists Kane Cornes and Matthew Lloyd both agreed with McClure, claiming the video was nothing more than a joke.

"There was no violence involved in that. They are consenting adults. We want some personality from the players and we like it when they do stuff that's funny. We've seen all the coaches dancing in videos like that. If you're going to be concerned about outrage on social media, Caro, you wouldn't be sitting there", Cornes stated.

Wilson challenged both Cornes and Lloyd to show the video to their wives and see their reaction, with Lloyd stating his wife had already seen the video and was unphased by it.

"I just think the smile on her face, the music that was going with it, the context of it is absolutely fine," Lloyd said.

"You know what? Caro, I did (show it to my wife) and she laughed and said I find that quite humorous"

"I swear on my heart we watched it together and she said, 'I'm totally fine with it'."