Even the most faithful fans face challenges in cheering on their beloved footy clubs, with interstate flights and long day trips part of the demands of being a die-hard fanatic.

To make these long journeys more enjoyable for fans, we've listed five tips to get you best prepared and keep you comfortable for a day out at the footy this finals season.

1. Get your tickets sorted, and be quick!

While hundreds of thousands of seats are on offer every weekend, footy tickets can be hard to come by for blockbuster games.

Knowing when tickets are available and how much they'll cost ahead of their release date is important to be on top of to make sure you don't miss out.

2. Have your club colours ready 

If you're off to the big game to support your team, it's important you wear your colours with pride and arrive draped in merchandise from head to toe.

Beanies, jumpers, scarves, hats, shirts; there's an almost endless catalogue of gear and apparel you can get your hands on, no matter which club you support.

3. Check the weather forecast 

Being on top of the predicted weather could make or break your footy trip, with the AFL season schedule accustomed to all conditions: rain, hail or shine.

Make sure you've packed to match the weather to keep yourself warm and raring to go ahead of a long day at the footy.

4. Keep yourself comfortable and in control with all the must-have gear

Whether you're heading to your home ground or venturing interstate, it's crucial you have all the right gear so you're not left with no idea.

While Tip 3: checking the weather forecast - is crucial, if you're heading to Melbourne you may still be in for a surprise on how those forecasts unfold for the day, meaning it's important you pack for almost any weather.

Long trips may also require accessories like a portable charger for your phone or laptop, while some in-flight entertainment, like a book, is also key for the bookends of your travels.

Pack your protective jocks! With 1 in 10 Aussie men experiencing bladder leakage*, we can safely assume that most of those men are also footy fans. Depend Washable Underwear are absorbent briefs for blokes, with built-in protection to catch your drips and dribbles for up to 12 hours so you never miss a game. They make for light packing since you can simply wear, wash and wear again. Play on with comfortable protection you can depend on for both home and away games. 

Find out which product is right for you to be on top of your game.

*Source: Continence Foundation of Australia, March 2022

Must-have accessories: 

  • All-weather attire (ponchos, comfortable shoes)
  • Portable chargers
  • Depend Washable Underwear
  • In-flight entertainment

5. Book reservations in advance

The footy will take a few hours out of your day, so it's important to spend the rest of your time away comfortably filled with good entertainment and even better food.

Almost every AFL venue is surrounded by a busy city, a good atmosphere and restaurants aplenty for any type of appetite. Whether it's The Camfield near Optus Stadium, or Swan Street down from the MCG, there are plenty of options no matter the venue.

Back your team, and yourself by preparing the right way, everytime. And don't forget the essentials like Depend Washable Underwear. Learn more here.